072's Artstuffs

I thought it might be one piece, but try as I might, I couldn’t see it… I see it now, though. :sweat:

Now, I honestly have nothing to draw. Atleast unitl my other two X-men packages get here. <___< What? I’m hooked. =P

So requests would really be appreciated. I assume there are other X-men fans here as well, right?

metroid/space pirate draw ftw!

isnt this a requist for marvel characters?

uhh… i didnt know that >_>

Doesn’t matter, I suppose, but Marvel’s my specialty. I’ll start with a Metroid then. =P

EDIT: Actually, Metroids aren’t very fun to draw at all. =/

They don’t take very much effort either. I suppose that’s why I stick with marvel, but meh. Sorry guys. =P Plenty of metroid art from Dazzy though.

Yeah, but you’re way better at humanoids D:

Aww… :smiley:

More humanoid, more X-men. Hopfully you guys aren’t getting tired of my all X-men buffet.

The only thing I don’t like about this is the face, but other than that, I really love this one.

i really dont see anything wrong with the face…

ummm. he looks ape-ish

The face is pretty bad, I agree. And his far leg looks quite odd. Disproportionate and mutated :astonished:

Or Span-ish.

I really like that gun.

Wolverine IS Ape-ish. =P

But not nearly THAT ape-ish.

Please, don’t question my knowledge of Wolverine. =P

And yeah, I already said I messed up on his face, but it isn’t even because it is too ape-like. I have no idea what your looking at. x_x

EDIT: I think I’m going to start working on some X-Men sprites. I haven’t posted any sprites here yet, which is probably becuase I haven’t done anything in a while. I’ll start more pencil when I get my comics.



I think his feet are to small in the front pose.

REALLY blocky shading, and his poses are ridiculously stiff. Plus he appears pigeon-toed.

Pretty much the same problems as most of my early work has, for that matter.

Arms rarely bend at exact 90 degree angles. Holding a gun out straight might come close, but a battle stance would have them a bit more loose. That looks pretty crappy how it is.

As for the feet, try what Megaman games do, or my style if you don’t like the floor overlapping–that is, the leg closest to the screen is facing a 3/4 or front view, while the other is a side view. They put the close leg a pixel lower and make it slightly larger, for more perspective, but that might look odd in a more realistic style like yours.

I actually went through 3 leg positions until I got something that looked halfway decent. <_< I’m not sure what you mean about his arms; they bend at about 110 in the front pose, but that might be tough to see with limited pixels. =/

Anyway, maybe you’ll like this better:

…but keep in mind, it’s a WIP, even the head. I need to put in much more detail.

i like the shading but his teeth look wierd.

That’s because they aren’t teeth. <_<