1000 posts.

This is my 1000th post, bitches. I would be more excited but I’m hungry and I just finished watching an LP of Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Anyway, I decided that for my 1000th post, I would talk about how it’s my 1000th post. Actually, let’s celebrate with some cookies. Or cake. Or cookie cake.

I already had a slice, so go ahead and get some for yourself.

I am now one of these-

This is why we need Youtube :frowning:

Also, due to magical Photoshop powers, I have re-materialized the slice that you ate.

Good, more cookie cake for everyone.

OH SHIT 1001 POSTS!!!1!!one!

gimme a piece now

You know Phlakes, around the time I joined these boards a guy got his post count reset to 0 by doing this. I’m not sure of his account name at the moment though. I think daz would remember.

Welcome to the club, Phlakes. :stuck_out_tongue:

One more and you’re at 3000.

IIRC PY did that.

well then i lawl


told you

Don’t laugh: You’re next.

No it wasn’t PY… I know that much for sure. It was much earlier than when PY joined the forums.

Then who knows. I remember reading about that somewhere though.