3d or 2d

Does any body think that metroid is easier on a 2d version or 3d ? Me 2d is easier :smiley:>

2d is easier, but 3d is funner.

I find 3D better.

It’s a lot easier to make a technically sound game in 2D, and rely on more precision. In theory it’s possible to make a much harder game in 2D, without relying on making the enemies 100x more powerful than the player.

It’s a lot easier to immerse the player and tell a story in 3D.

Each have their pros and cons. I liked the side-scroller Metroids, but I also liked the 3D ones as well.

Personally, I think I prefer the 2D slightly more.

It’s funny… some people just have so much trouble getting a handle on a game if it’s in 3D. My mom’s actually a decent gamer, who’s even beaten the Donkey Kong Country trilogy with me back in the day. But put her in front of an N64 and Mario’ll run straight into lava every time.

…Somehow she can play Galaxy okay, which even confuses me sometimes. But that’s irrelevant.

Point is, no matter how well-made a game is and how good you are at it, either you’ll have to contend with camera issues or a limited point-of-view, and that’ll make things harder by default. Suddenly you can’t see everything around you… and lining things up gets trickier.

So I guess it’s not really that funny or odd that some people can’t handle it. But I don’t remember ever being that way. Growing up, I transitioned just fine from side-scrollers to 3D… yet much of my family couldn’t, despite them gaming just as long as I had.

Meh, okay, so this is kind of an off-topic rant, but I find it interesting at least.

In 2D I can get to first boss in 10min. but I also die at the first boss. P.S. I made 4 productive posts, 2 before your changed my title 2 after.

I loved the Prime Trilogy, so I’m going to have to say 3-D for myself. I own the collectors edition of the trilogy, and adding those motion controls increases the immersion of the first two by a lot. I’m also a spatial thinker, in that I see things in three dimensions in my mind, making 3D puzzles much more simplistic for me.

I do very much enjoy the 2D games though, don’t get me wrong. 2D gives you so much more flexibility with art style, due to making sprites rather than models, meshes, textures, ect. Much easier.

All that Said, I prefer the 3-D games.

Yeah I definitely had camera issues with Super Mario 64. To me, it seems like a lot of those third-person N64 games had TERRIBLE camera settings/angles.

Well it was the beginning of a new dimension, of course it had issues.

Yeah, Mario 64 had a pretty bad camera, I’m just glad that the Banjo and Zelda games didn’t.

I agree with Daz’s post completely. While I had absolutely no problem transitioning from 2D to 3D back in the day, the rest of my family just couldn’t really manage it.

Kinda weird, I guess. I suppose it’s just because I was the only member of the household who sat down with these games every day after school, whereas my mother and sister would tag along on the weekends. I would almost call it training, but I wasn’t moving towards any actual goal. :stuck_out_tongue:

On topic, I suppose I prefer 3D games more, but just because I’ve become so accustomed to over-the-shoulder and first-person gameplay that sidescrollers almost seem archaic to me. That said, I do enjoy sidescrollers, but I rarely come across them anymore.

You can have 3d sidescrollers too, you know. :slight_smile:

Psh, as if. That’s like having 3D without any glasses.


3D sidescrollers

That was a GREAT game back in the day.