3D software

What 3D software are you guys using?

Can you post a 3D model that you’ve made?

edit: ENGRISH!
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Since I’m against spending money, if I were to model regularly it would probably be in Blender. Problem with Blender is that the UI is so different from other software. It’s like programming in emacs. Else I would pirate 3DSMax but I haven’t pirated in a while. I don’t usually model anyway.

…I just use Sketchup because I can’t be bothered to learn something more complex.

Big image, not putting it in the post.

But I haven’t done anything with organic forms.

Sketchup, I did that Arwing back when.

I’ll see what I can pull up that’s done.

Ok, so this is supposed to be a jukebox.
First image is before smoothing it and the second is what it looks life after it’s smoothed.

It’s going into my childroom. It’s the assignment we’re doing right now. I’ll do the UV-map and texturing for the jukebox and a whole lot of other stuff next week. Time is not on my side.

edit: I’m using Maya and drawing my textures in Photoshop and Sketchbook Designer.

Modeling with my laptop.

Is that Ubuntu on the desktop?


No, it’s Windows 7. :frowning:
We’re using that at the university so I’m running it at home too. Easier that way since I’m having enough trouble switching between Maya and Photoshop.

I’m sitting there cursing like a mad man, pressing the wrong buttons when I switch between them.

Would be nice if I get a job in as a graphics artist in the game industry when I’m done. That is still my goal in life.

aww i thought the background kind of looked like the default ubuntu background.

The walllpaper is this awesome picture. :slight_smile:

Oh… I was talking about the desktop, but yeah that is one badass wallpaper.

Seeing all the people over at Pixelation who have done mobile and flash games, and how you’re better than most of them, I can see it happening.

Thanks. :smiley: You made my day!

This is the next thing that goes into the room.

Awww. I want one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously not finished yet.
I’ve modeled it after a small toy Firebird.