3D Zebes

Do you know where I can find 3D Zebes stuff even if you made it? Please lock the topic afterwords.

You can’t find it. It doesn’t exist.

you know, nintendo should make a super metroid remake for the Wii or something like that because there is NO 3d metroid game that hapens on zebes, all the ones that did are 2d sidescrollers :imp: :cry: :O_O:

I don’t blame you. Infact I thought about it for about a year.

…only 2 games happened on Zebes anyway… Well, 3 if you count ZM. What’s the big deal about Zebes?

Well you can’t just take one of the greatest games of all time and recreate it with a different perspective just to see what it would be like.

Oh, wait…

That really needs to be siged. I agree that SM would make a great 3D game as well, although there would have to be some alterations to make it longer but then of coarse when you add a D things get a whole lot bigger.

Did you know there is going to be a 3D Norfair? It’s on Super Smash Brothers Brawl, which is being released on Febuary 10th 2008 A.D.! By the way, I am wanting that game because of Both Metroid and Pokemon stuff!

sorry but i had to… they wouldn’t have to change much if they remade the 3d one smash bros. style…

That was a nice bump there.

They may not need to change the level mechanics, but the graphical style needs a rethink, which is what he meant.

Coincidentally, my team (Go muffcake productions!) is whipping up a Metroid RPG, called…Well, Metroid RPG, as well as:
Metroid: Lockdown Trilogy,
Super Smash Bros. Online,
Puzzle Prinny,
And Muffcake’s world (Original)

How is that coincidental?

Also, MRPG has been done, give it a different, new name, and put some effort into the dialogue, give it new gameplay mechanics, etc.

it has? i’d like to see some links/screenshots to it in case it is what i think it is.

I think it’s been posted here somewhere, can’t be bothered to look…

If you seen Barbie Mermaidia, imagine if you saw it tinted yellow. It may look like Maridia in 3D.