A Furry/Anthro 2D Based Game

It’s been a long time since I last posted on this board. Last time I used an old elevator sprite I had from way back in the day, and I used it a long time ago on an old game I don’t even have anymore (heh), and I apologize for this previous misunderstanding.

Moving on~


Active Assaults 2D is a 2 Dimensional reflection of our 3D game project (A series of four games). Active Assaults 2D is, in a way, a short version of all four 3D games put together before they are released.

Now you might be wondering what Active Assaults is. The Active Assaults universe rests on three planets in the Shezucan Solar System of the Milky Way 4,000+ years in the future from now. Most of its inhabitants are anthro, called Shezucans. Shezucans are anthropomorphic creatures taking on very similar traits that of humans. They walk, talk, and live like humans, but they have fur, the head of a canine or feline, paws, and tails like that of other mammals such as wolves or cheetahs.

This race is similar to the ones in StarFox, but much more complex and more mature-related. The story line and plot are a lot more realistic, and the characters are more real than ever before in an anthro-based video game.

Active Assaults 2D is broken down into separate sections, which are called chapters. Each chapter is a separate released game, but don’t already judge the seemingly-short timeline of these games. Each chapter is very long, long thought, and created by the utmost creativity we produce as a team (iRaph Studios). When each chapter is released, you may download them from our website, http://iraph-designs.com/aa/index.html.

This discussion is mainly critique for our first up-coming beta test for the first chapter of the AA2D series. The beta will not be released until later this month, but we would like your opinion on our demo we released awhile back (iraph-designs.com/aa/index.html); your comments and questions are highly and respectively valued. Please give us some feedback!

Thanks guys~

~Raphial Hebert

Played your demo. It’s nice to see a game that has actual progress. You’re not just another kid coming up with some idea and asking everyone else to make it for them. I found the controls a little stiff however, as you can’t attack while moving, and you can only attack in mid-air if you aren’t holding left or right. The AI is a little basic too, but I imagine that you’ll update that in the future. Overall, I see potential, even if the gameplay is a little bland.

Good stuff! Lots of good things to be said about the art in particular. Decent music too.

The programming however… so many bugs and/or annoying things. The gameplay could definitely use some polishing up. I’ll wait until the beta to mention actual problems I’ve found, cause I’m assuming a lot of them will be fixed.

You may be interested in this topic. :stuck_out_tongue:

That topic derailed so quickly.

Anyway, I’m currently not at my own computer, otherwise I would totally try out your demo. Expect some actual feedback in a day or two, when I’m back at home, away from the snow.

this =]

Well since I’m snowed in I figured I’d try it out, first things first, controlling games like this with a keyboard is a really bad joke, proper gamepad support is advisable, and the use of the mouse in menus and the like of a game that doesn’t use the damn thing is a tad disorienting.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, the abilities of the space marines to shoot at you while your slashing and the lack of a guard of any kind makes damage from fighting them inevitable, and as such the combat feels clunky, the movement and jumping on the other hand feel fine, almost as if it was a priority or something :sunglasses:

I appreciate all of your good and critique feedbacks~ It’s good to see people interested!

As for a few updates and confirmations:

Demo 3.5 was made a year ago. Our progress now, presently, is a whole lot better than before. The physics are a lot better, less glitchy, and less…weird? We’re also working on a guard system where you can block a foe’s blow or shot, like the Avralian Drones’ shots. We’re also discussing on placing in some playable controller options, and joystick options too, but that won’t happen for awhile (It’s definitely been given thought though more than once I assure you~). We’re also working on a dogfight system and CGI where you pilot your ship and blow asteroids and enemies out of space, and whatnot. It’s a new system to us, so it’ll for sure be fun to play around with.

Also regarding attacks; we’re making several attacks that you can use while running, such as slashing in an “X” motion while running, or running and slashing a powerful blow that uses SP (The red bar). Many might have noticed how you must be standing still while attacking, so this is especially for you runnin’-slashing guys out there~

The beta for Chapter 1 will be released very soon. Look for it on http://iraph-designs.com/aa/index.html soon!

I’m downloading your game demo now. I may or may not have feedback for you once I’ve tried it.


Along the same thing as syntax said… it’s kind of annoying to be attacked from afar when you only have a sword. In addition, the knockback is kind of annoying, especially when you only have a melee weapon.

Also, the crosshair, I think, should be hidden in-game as it doesn’t serve any real purpose (unless there will be guns). But, if it does have a purpose, then you’d need three hands to play the game, one for mouse, one for arrow keys, and one for a,d, etc. commands.

Again~ The beta is a lot better, and it’ll be an improvement I promise~

The crosshair cursor as actually in-game. Several times in the game you may (SPOILER) take control of a turret blasting asteroids and other things in space to bits, or you’ll need the cursor in other certain areas.

Careful with switching control schemes like that, it can very easily break a game (See: Other M).

Typically, it is better to have a consistent control pattern, it keeps confusion down, and keeps the player immersed.

There is a new release! Go check it out my kiddies~


Nice music on intro screen! The Enemy blended in to the background, and it glitched when I got to a certain room. Other than that, it looks promising. I’ll give it 7 thumbs up out of 10.

Hey Raphial, are you still working on this game or did you just quit? I haven’t seen you on this forum, since I joined… You game needs some work!

Sorry, haven’t been on in ages. The project has not stopped, and never will. Just going slow because I’ve been going through a lot of…rough life issues.

If you want to see updates and progress as we go, you need to visit our website, or forums.


By this December, another demo, Demo 4.0, with the current overhaul to the project we’re doing, will show our fast paced progress we’ve been committed to. Demo 4.0 will feature many things like maps, new rooms, new graphics, new player features, new weapons, new enemies, and more!