A game better than P2D

Are you kidding me? He did no planning and just said I’m gonna make something better
no planned game + n00b dev (who can’t use proper grammar) != better than P2D

… So you revived a really old topic with a completely inane one-word spampost that added nothing to the discussion.

Are you fucking retarded?

This should’ve been locked a while ago. Poyger0 is SO GONNA GET IT!!!
Either he’s retarded, OR he luvs 2 b a JERKWAD 2 the P2D team cuz they turned
his sprites down.
(breathes heavily due 2 use of a bit 2 much Oxygen)
Oh, & used a microscope over the computer last night & saw the rest of this Quoted
Post. I re-sized it 4 the rest of u 2 c.

i should probably point out 3 “metroid legends” games have been completed on this forum…just number 3 was a first person mess…

Okay, that’s it. I already gave you a 20% warning for bumping this exact same topic with spam.

Incidentally, in my post about that I asked “are you fucking retarded?”

I no longer have any question about that. You transcend fucking retarded.

Not to mention the fact that your post is completely asinine. Poyger was already banned. And what the hell is that thing about microscopes?