A little challange

just wanted to bump this to say that theres a new entry :slight_smile:


have i mastered half assed outlining yet? XD

oh and what about my dithering? has it improved?

k i just copied and resised a starwars battle front pic so ya i didnt exactly “make it a challenge” and it obviously is gonna have well over 64 colors just how do i upload it?

you’re gunna have to hand sprite it… yeah, sure i made my spam-star with a circle tool, but that is allowed, right?

i think you have to sprite all these images.

Yeah, I wanted you all to try different things when it comes to pixelpushing.

so… whens the next contest gunna be? and can you give us hints as to what it will be?

Next tuesday. It will be a lot more challanging than this one, and you will have color and size restrictions again.

I will start on my example tomorrow.

!! we still have the rest of the week to work on this one right. I have a decent image but it’s missing something…

till tuesday next week.


im gonna remake it with less colors but for now … the one that doesnt count

That’s one of my favorite games. It would have been cool to play it on the N64. But I guess that it would look as the first Turok game. Fog after two feet.

is that an expression? fog after two feet? never heard of it b4…

its obvious im not actually doing the challenge, im just having fun =)

tell me what you think =)

if you’re doing the resizing in paint… dont. paint makes resizing all edgy… try it in photoshop instead…

The N64 lacked memory. The draw distance were about five meters max, and after that there were fog to hide the rest of the world. So the first Turok game was’nt that fun to play. And I guess that Battlefront would have about two thirds of a meter draw distance with all the soldiers.

ahh… thats pretty sad if you ask me… not being able to see 5 meters in front of you seems like it would be hard to move around in, not knowing where you’re going and all.

Yeah, try playing Rogue Squadron. It’s the kind of game where you need to see things ahead of you so you don’t crash or you have to intercept something. The fog is pretty damn close so they compensate by making the maps small. Sucks eh?

I didn’t find it that difficult playing Turok or Rogue Squadron.

:unamused: You’re missing the point. It is still playable but it would be alot more helpful to see your target BEFORE you’re so close that it’s firing at you, hence the World Devastator level.

Back on topic: In case any of you are wondering Hextile is an idea I’ve had for about 2 weeks. It would be an RPG with magic being the only form of attack, but the clothes that you would have equipped would be what determines what spells you could use. That’s only a breif synopsis, but I think it gets the point across. Also, I know the cartridge could be better, but I wanted to finish it before I forgot.

the idea for the mph n64 cartridges was a rip of of pokemons red blue version thing