A little challange

The finished images in the nintendo 64 challange


Hairy Pomegranate



I’d just like to point something out, a bit off topic, but still. The Phantasy Star series STARTED on an 8-bit machine. And it looked nothing like that. >_>

This is phantasy star Universe and I used some reference to make that image. Grass, some trees, people talking to each other… in a gigant world. Not like the ones in the first Phantasy star game.

I just made a simple example… Like the Fox/Falco heads and the Butch Cassidy game.

I want you to make the cool stuff. I just show you a simple example of what you can do with the palettes.

Can’t you give it a try?

sega master system plays dreamcast games right? cuz if it does i wanna do jet grind radio

can you post the entires of all the previous contests on your first post too?

and, what is this contest again?

Wow, i havent been keeping up with the challenges lately. School and band have been taking up most of my old spriting time.

Take any Saturn or newer game made by SEGA and make a 8bit “screenshot” of it. You have the palette and the right resolution. :smiley: Just imagine what the game would look like on the Master System and draw the fake screenshot.

wuts a saturn? :confused:

so… i cant make it from any game?

It was a 32bit CD-ROM based SEGA console that competed with Playstation and Nintendo 64. Never used one? :confused:

It can be a XBOX, PS2, Gamecube, GBA, DS, Saturn or a Dreamcast game, but the game must be made by SEGA. There is no point of using a 8 or 16 it game. It will be too easy.

what do you mean “competed”? that thing sucked so badly it was a bound failure


It had better games than both SONY Playstation and Nintendo 64, and the best controllers of those three. SEGA Rally, Virtua Racing, Virtua Fighter, Guardian Heroes, Nights… Well, I guess that you only play Nintendo.

It did not “suck”. SEGA made the machine better with 2D graphics than 3D, and SONY got all the mainstream players to buy a Playstation and Wipeout. If the saturn was a failure, then I guess you could say that the Nintendo 64 was a failure too. Bad graphics, not enougt memory, expensive games, no CD-rom and almost no third party support.

So… I guess that no one here have ever touched a SEGA and that nobody will make an image because I did’nt choose to have something with Nintendo this week.


is that why it bombed in retail?

Bump! Check the first post.

comparing the two of yours’ clouds, yours has NO demension… troids, on the other hand, is cool :sunglasses:

lmao, the n64 challenge ones are funny.