A new engine and proposition


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but we arent discuss that we are discussing a new engine and proposition which i believe is a good thing to discuss except this project isnt a good project
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A few familiar faces still around I see. A shame to see that the project is mostly dead, but glad that everyone is still doing well… Hard to believe I used to roam this forum 9 years ago…


Wow, Redhalberd! No way! Glad to see you stop by :smiley:

We actually had a lot of good activity on the Trello board since the summer, but then 2016 happened and we’re back in the spring slump. This happens every year, not exactly sure why, but things always pick up again mid-summer. I’m looking forward to it.


Why do you all still exiiiiiiiist

Hi guys.


Redhalberd! The guy that made me want to start spriting! You’re alive!

Oh and hey.


Where the shit has DeProgrammer been


Mostly places–you know, doing things. (For example)


Holy blast from the past.

DeP, you still have that pillow-shading program you made like 8 years ago? That was something we were looking at using for lighting accents if we continue with Unreal Engine.


If you guys decide to go further with the project, I have a great resource for you, Though it requires a game ISO and ~4 hours depending on your hardware.

But I’ve been developing a tool with a friend that extracts every asset in the Metroid Prime series, including animations and levels. What it does is send the data over to Blender which assembles the model/rig/animation with materials that are an extremely close approximation.

Check it out here: https://github.com/AxioDL/urde/releases

It’s definitely an early prototype so bare that in mind.


Sounds awesome. I think there was a similar tool floating around, but it was just a model viewer and didn’t extract anything or convert it to formats that modeling software can use. That’s good news. It could be really helpful.


Hi guys. I’ve been following this project since I first came across it on samus.co.uk back in 2006/early 2007. I’ll be checking on this like I have been and I have faith that you will get this done someday. Good luck everyone.


Thanks and welcome to the forums.