A public apology

So, I’ve been a bit conflicted lately.

Let’s just sum it up with this:

(11:58:02 AM) Daz: also
(11:58:06 AM) Daz: im considering stepping down as admin
(11:58:08 AM) Daz: :
(11:58:11 AM) Lucario: >_>
(11:58:12 AM) Lucario: don’t
(11:58:17 AM) Daz: i mean
(11:58:24 AM) Daz: ive been such a hypocritical and rude asshole
(11:58:34 AM) Daz: blasting the shit out of people for things i do, insulting everyone for the most minor mistakes…
(11:58:37 AM) Daz: ive been trying to lighten up lately
(11:58:45 AM) Daz: but i dont think its helping how people perceive me here much at all
(11:58:53 AM) Daz: maybe if i temporarily dropped adminhood people would see that i’ve changed
(11:58:54 AM) Daz: but id unno
(11:59:08 AM) Daz: the fact that im so worried about losing my power worrise me even moer
(11:59:13 AM) Lucario: you have to be respected >_>
(11:59:13 AM) Daz: because does that make me a powertrip whore?
(11:59:16 AM) Lucario: as an admin
(11:59:19 AM) Lucario: nah
(11:59:45 AM) Daz: respected, yes
(11:59:46 AM) Daz: but
(11:59:51 AM) Daz: not like this
(11:59:51 AM) Lucario: >_>
(12:00:04 PM) Daz: people dont respect me if im gonna be calling people retards for not reading an innocuous rule, etc

I guess I just… I’ve always had a big obsession with justice and fixing problems, and I saw this as finally being my chance to kick the shit out of delinquents, even if it was just at a little videogame forum.

I’m trying hard not to be the nazi I was, but then I totally flipped on some new user just the other day about a mere sig limit oversize… and all this despite having an oversized sig myself, using “Well, Andrew Mills did it too” as an excuse.

I’m not stepping down completely or permanently, mind you–I’ll always be around if there’s an emergency or something (as unlikely as that is…), plus it wouldn’t be fair to Troid92, who I haven’t even contacted yet–but I’ll definitely be toning the overzealous modding down. Just consider me a standard member who happens to be able to do administrative duties when the need arises, or something.

tl;dr version:

In short, to all of those on whom I’ve abused my power, I apologize, and to everyone else, let’s try to keep this place happy and fun and drama-less. :smiley:

give me adminship instead :smiley:

also yeah youre an asshole xd

I’ll take that off your hands for you.

No, not really.

Unless you really want me to.

Which you don’t.

Also, I like cake.

And I don’t hate you yet, Daz! :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting, I’ve always respected you and admired your modminship wieldery.
Buuut… you sound like you’re being really hard on yourself. Let’s look at it this way. A doctor’s job is to keep patients healthy, and the fear of hypocrisy isn’t something a doctor should let get in the way of doing his job.
So, at the very least, don’t let the hypocrisy thing get you down.

And I very much like having you as an admin <_<

Dang, daz, that’s YOU.
YOU are that, it’s what we’ve come to know and love.
Other people who go nazi on rules seem like dickheads, but you do it properly, with just that right sprikle of humour and style.
So, no, don’t step down as admin, or indeed feel any need to step down.

Personally I think sig limits are silly, you can do it because you don’t write many 3 word posts, unlike most people, where their sig becomes 4, 5 times their average post legnth. Oh, and millzy did it.

But the humor and style often offend people and border on flaming, which is just wrong in so many ways.

As for sig limits, that was just an example. And either way, they definitely have a place, though I would like a bit more leeway on them.

Oh yeah, they certainly have a place, but it should be far more fluid that a set characterage.
I doubt I would be offended by your actions, and if one can’t take a little light flaming, the internet is not for them.

Not everyone shares your views and tolerance. I’ve scared several people off and hurt several others. This place should be accessible to more than the tough-skinned.

No harm done to me.

Besides your harsh comments help me out a lot in my art so thank you. I guess its your nature at times to I may have say or done something to offend people to and hurt them in away , but I step down a little bit and try to keep my cool. Keep your admin abilities don’t level down to a member or something.

Yeah, but…
OK, if that’s the case, be more tolerant for first offenders.
After that, nothing need change.

I’m not quite clear on why you think you need to step down as an admin to start pulling your punches. Can’t you just, uh, be more nice?

So the tyrant dragon(refering to your chinese zodiac) has come and say I’m sorry, well I don’t care what you did. You just wanted to have order in this forum, so it want be a trashing,spaming, and who knows what else forum. The Damage you done is done leave it in the past and forget about it. Don’t stress about too much or else your going to get a headache or and stress related illness.

Never thought I’d see a thread like this by the Dazzy.

But… What is there to say? Everybody makes mistakes.

Well, I never knew you would actually suggest to go from admin down to member… With all your verbal shouting, threats and swearing at least there aren’t any moronic spammers or other forum parasites :slight_smile:. But you scaring people away… well, they shouldn’t. We can compare Dazuro to a mum, who’s fed up of her children and will go through any means to make her message go through. Even if spanking is not involved. Maybe write a diary or speak to somebody if your aggressivity level’s so high. yeah, write a diary, that could be funny
I actually, wasn’t that hurt by your wrath, but it only annoyed me when my sig was the wrong size and there’d be a little message.
Anyway, nobody contested your authority so that’s the good side of things.
Ah, a question: were you bullied or something to be so aggressive? I don’t know, it strikes me as a natural thing to do when you’re bullied (don’t take it as an insult, but as a simple question. whimper).
Oh, remember: “you need to be cruel to be kind” lol

That’s one fuck of a mum.
EDIT: Though on some level/on second thought, I agree. Dazzy would be a good parent :slight_smile:
If his parents don’t have mental retardation, I mean. Then he’d be a dick.

Daz your “wrath” helped me a lot(I just feel stupid cuz I got like a 70% warn lvl for spamming and not knowing about it :sweat: )The only thing you should do is cut the insults just a tiny bit.

P.S.:I don’t think you should step down just for something like this, people make mistakes you should just forget it and live on :wink: .

Well…I never thought you were to bad about this…
Mabey thats because I was never on the recieving end?
Anyways I respect your step-down, because it’s hard to give up power.

Never thought I’d live to see the day.

It’s really nice to see your efforts to make improvements. Congrats, Daz.

OMG, I didn’t see this thread…

Totally dude.

Are you refering to the sig limit arguement with me? If so it’s all cool. Sometimes I’m quite a dick too.

Actually your bitching and complaining at me made me a better person on the net. Especially the raping the English language part, found at the first few pages of my swords topic… So yeah if I never got bitched at I’d still be talkin like a tard. No offence to whoever does <_<.