I figure we need an official ASL topic, just to get a general idea of the age span in this forum.
I was shocked to find out Rundas45 was only fifteen, and I’m 90% sure there are no women members -but I could be wrong, this seems like a good idea.

Age-Sex-Location - Go!

Infinity’s End (Yeil)
18 - Male - Utah (Soon Texas! :smiley:)

19/m/NH ;D

17/M/MD… for now. I technically live in MI but I’m staying here for a bit :smiley:


Staying in Washington until I graduate from college (about 6 years lol). From there, I have no godly idea.




Thats Queensland Australia, ummm yeah…

15 in two hours and 52 minutes, a dude, New Jersey

17/M/Alberta, Canada

Looks like I’m right. This forum is one great big sausage-fest.

Unfortunately. :stuck_out_tongue:


Woman members speak up now (except you don’t exist!).


Sorry I haven’t been on much.

and by 13 he means 31
and by f he means thatcreepyguy that skins people
and by FL he means TEXAS

Is Fusiler an actual member or just a sock puppet account?

we’re doomed

16/m/ID (potatoes yeah!! :smiley: )


i heard that one… idahoe :frowning:

Yeah I think I know who it is. And in response to the sock puppet thing, its around his dick, and it has a note attached that says, “I’m not here” on it.

Woo, Texas.