my friend wants me to make her a game
zombie game
2d sidescoller shooter

in a maternity ward
L4D style enemies
all babies

smokers make you imobile till you kill them

hunters can gang up and cling to you while they attack

tanks would be beefy babies that are basically the same as the tanks in L4D

witches would also be basically the same

the main difference with all of them is you dont need help to escape
there would be multiple kinds of babies in the horde
fetuses - weakest, fastest
crawling babies - medium strength, medium speed
walking babies - most powerful, slowest
running babies - fast AND powerful ;D

there will also be "ambush babies"
they pop out of their deceased mothers once you stand around the corpse for a random amount of time

there will be different kinds of weapons, guns included
as well as some more… odd weapons

this is going to be a really gorey and messed up game


thoughts? xD

totally forgot about the boomer
fat baby that explodes and the goo slows you down and summons a horde of babies xD
also projectile vomit, of course

i wanted to do a 2d zombie sidescroller too… it would’ve been out in the street where you can hop on cars and pick up different weapons and stuff. idea stealer :imp:

there will be street levels too
if the game was all in the hospital it would be very short

unless the hospital was 50 stories high.

then it would be too repetative
its gunna be like the opposite of L4D
run FROM the hospital xD

i know i was having many facets >.>

game has a name now xD

ooooh man, this is gunna be horrible xD

[SPRITEHELP]I will help with sprites.[/SPRITEHELP]

once she sends me the drawing she did, the spriting will commence =D


though its always nice to have somewhere to start

this is the body of baby mario
it has quite a ways to go before being a crawling baby zombie xD

Is that his buttcrack?

no, he has a diaper on xD
and no head


more bodies!

hunters will be a gray blue
smokers a gray green, and slightly taller then normal zombies
boomers are just fat and slightly taller then normal zombies, but shorter then the smoker


anyone know where i can find a part based zero suit samus sprite sheet?


so it turns out she hasnt frawn anything yet, she wanted to do a detailed drawing xD
i told her just to make a concept sketch, nice and fast
she should be done soon

pic here

hair color is dark pink, eye color is green

this is gunna go part based, atleast the arms are
its mouse aimed

my start
boobs need to be bigger, she says

this wont be horrible it’ll be twisted :smiling_imp:

like those dead baby jokes that i enjoy so much

Q: how many babies does it take to paint a barn?

A: depends on how hard you throw them!

horribly twisted ;D

Sick…it reminds me of a game idea that my friends had. It was called Rubber Babies, and there was gonna be three or four of them. It was really, really, weird. I remember that one of the weapon ideas was a gun that fired pandas…

Anyway, yeah. I’d play it, but that’s just because I’m a sick, twisted individual. :stuck_out_tongue:

first weapon you get in syringes
for throwing >=D

its okay babies are annoying anyway



can someone make me a nice generic baby head to mess with?
i fail at the head, really bad

edit edit*
nvm, i got it =D



needs alot of work, but WOOOOOOO


need a basic walking…

more zombie babies!
also added a “runner” will be seen later in the game
fast with high power >=D