Hi, I’m the owner and founder of the world’s largest community, the SS Free. I was wondering if you would be interested in becoming affiliates.

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'We have 452 registered members’

This site has a larger userbase than that, silly!

This wasn’t meant to insult you or your project.

No, sorry, I was a little mean there.
Just the way you said ‘world’s largest community’, when it is not. Is there a meaning I am missing?

Largest can be taken in many ways.

Ah, it is a community of fat people?

lmfao, no, not quite

I’m pretty sure it’s an outrageous claim no matter how we are supposed to take it when you say “the world’s largest.”

I doubt it’s that many. Probably edited.

err largest as in, at one point in time, we had over 3700 forums on the board at once, but i made it normal again.


lol so technically, largest, could describe it.


It’s not largest if none of them have content. So you lied :frowning:

most of them do have posts

3700 of them.
With 400 members.


Also, I wish your xfire sig didn’t try and put cookies on my computer. Really “big brother”.

adblocks, clears cookies

Maybe 3700 topics is what you meant?
Which is sub-par for a 400 member community.

It’s ok to dream though, man!

The largest online community is Futuba Channel, a Japanese image board.

I just have it ask every time. Superior! :slight_smile:

"Futaba Channel was set up on August 30, 2001, as a refuge for 2channel users when 2channel was in danger of shutting down."
I’m going to guess that 2chan is bigger, based on that. And there are many chans, of which I’m pretty sure 4chan is the biggest.
EDIT2: Hm, no, 2 is bigger? Strange, since english things are usually bigger due to being all over the world.

I don’t think u understand, we don’t have that many forums any more.