Age of Empires 3

So I just got this game for 10 cents (well probably more like 12 because people like to rip Canadians off) on the newly relaunched Games for Windows Live Marketplace.

So is anyone else gonna take advantage of this epic deal?

I’ll pass.

I have spare points, and could get it for nothing… but WL is THAT bad.

Is it? Or is that just your opinion from using it several years ago?

I have NEVER had problems with it, even back in 2007 (granted at the time I already had Gold on account of my 360 but whatever, its free now so who cares?)

It’s from the Bioshock 2 use of it.

were you using the ingame live service or the store as well?

not every game on the store uses the ingame thing, AOE3 is one of them, in fact once it’s installed you don’t even need the client running to use it, on the games without the ingame overlay there basically is no DRM, which is great.