Aliens in Our Solar System

At least that’s what the current hypothesis is right now.

So what do you all think about this? I for one think that it’s pretty awesome, though I’m not surprised on some levels. If there was going to be extraterrestrial life in our system it was going to be on Titan.


Another source, for good measure.

Uh, didn’t they already pretty much confirm that there at least WAS some primitive life on Mars, it was just long-dead?

Yeah, but that was probably thousands of years ago, they think that this stuff is actually alive.

i think there was a famous “tuber” in one of the martian rock samples, but was just a hair or something like that that happened to get into the sample…


nope this is what i’m thinking of

coll story, bro

i hope its true o3o

religion will so fall into chaos from the fanatics xD

Thats one of the most enticing parts about this :smiley:

People sometimes overlook Europa. In my opinion, the possibility of life there is purely astounding, given the chances that there might even be multicellular life forms there, deep beneah miles of ice.
Jury’s still out on Lake Vostok, though. Chances are, if they find life there, they’ll find life on Europa.
Oh yeah, and it’s really hard to distinguish between someone from Europe and something from Europa. Both end up being “Europeans”.