your spinning theory is wrong. if you spin a sphere objects fly AWAY from it. So realy, the earth doesnt create its own gravity…disproving science.
also, no part of science is fact, as a profesor told me, it just has yet to be disproved.

What are you saying.

Hey kid, go back to elementary school, please.

See also: Rotational Mechanics, Law of Universal Gravitation, Centrifugal force, Non-inertial Systems, Fictional Inertia Forces.

Seriously. Don’t try to bullshit a soon-to-be physicist with crap like that.

If you take a ball, for instance, and spin it, what happens? Stuff is REPULSED, so why should Earth be any different? Also some scientist, don’t ask who my dad told me about him, now has a working theory on gravity, saying its like a sheet, if you put a ball on a sheet, stuff goes twards it. Go figure. And corefusionx nothing can be proven, so your “Laws and Forces” stuff is useless. I was simply stating my opinion.

Time for some xkcd! Yay!

Also, xkcd on the Drake Equation:

Albert Einstein, perhaps?

EDIT: Also, get the fuck out with your “nothing can be proven”. If you want to claim that science isn’t accurate, do so at the nearest bible study group, not here.

Its true though, nothing can be proven, it just hasn’t been disproven. It cant be proven because you can never test all posible situations.

That’s nice.
Do you know anything about how proofs work? Do you know what a theory is?

While it is basically correct that nothing can be said to be 100% true, most scientific “facts” are only considered to be valid after extensive testing to the point that you’d have to be an idiot (or a Catholic) to debate them.

No, nothing can be proven absolutely, but things can be proven to beyond reasonable doubt, kinda like how the earth generates it’s own gravity.
Stuff isn’t repulsed, its speed becomes larger than escape velocity, so yeah, take our advice and find a nice bible group. Preferably in a locked, padded cell.

@CFX, really? What sort of field are you going into?

-.- first of all, I’m not a kid, second my IQ puts me in the genious range, and third there isn’t anything wrong with having a unique opinion

Let’s just ignore that and continue with whether or not aliens exist.

I think they do. I mean, theres to much space in the universe for earth to be the only populated planet. I do believe it is the only populated planet in this solar system, but hell as far as I know theres an alien in my room…

If I took a vacuum, 1 billion trillion cubic light years in volume, there wouldn’t be any aliens in it. Likewise, if I took a solid mass the size of the Sun (if that’s possible, which I don’t think it is), there wouldn’t be any aliens on it.

An alien needs more than a lot of space to exist.

Whatever became of those guys that thought they’d found some worm fossils on Mars, anyway? I haven’t been keeping up with science news lately, but that would answer the question pretty easily.

I ment that in all that space theres got to be another hospitable(sp?) planet, or something they could be living on, and enough of those hospitable places that at least one of them has a population.
Now lets see what laughs you pick out of this post… :unamused:

I think it’s generally accepted that Mars had some sort of primitive life on it at one point. Not sure though.

And Zurginator, I’m just pointing out that your posts aren’t saying anything. It’s like you’re writing half of a very good joke, but omitting the punchline.
“theres got to be”
"theres to much space in the universe for earth to be the only"
Back your statements up.


You say you’re a genious, but provide no evidence nore explanation as to your assertations.

I beleive that some for of alien life exists, but quite far away. I.E., we haven’t detected their radio signals and stuff yet.

Part of it may be that im trying to cut things short because typing on Wii is freaking horable. >.<

Edit: my IQ is 140, average (last i checked) is 100, 120 is genious (last i checked). Btw last i checked was a month or 2 ago

I’ve gotten 240 on online IQ tests.

Which isn’t to say I’m a genius (IT’S SPELLED GENIUS, JESUS EFFING CHRIST), but to point out that online IQ tests are fubar.
IQ tests in general are fubar, but that’s besides the point.