It wasn’t online. It was conducted by a doctor when they tested me for ADD.

Then the average is stupider than I could have surmised.

And by the way, 100 is average by the definition of IQ. Look it up.

…If ment as an insult to my intelligence, First, Fail. Einestine(sp) had an Iq of 210, so im pretty close, and alot closer than most people. but secondly, i quite frankly do not care.

Man…it sure is easy to get off-topic… lets try and get back on the alien topic again, shall we?
Edit: sorry for the double post, i saw that timaster was posting, and thought he would have finished by time i posted.
Edit 2: Yes I saw he was posting, no i wasnt stalking him, i was looking at the online list thing… additonaly, i dont think its working because he’s been posting for the last 12 minutes…

Christ, average must be thick if we’re in the presence of a genious here.

I was taking an IQ test at
141 IQ. I’m just a bit smarter than you >_>

No you’re not. IQ is a bell curve. You have something like ten times as many people between you and Einstein as someone with an IQ of 177, not two times.
And if you don’t care, stop flounting it.

And here’s what I was posting <_<

Your previous post just commented on how worthless those online tests were… Change your opinion? anyways back on topic Im woundering… these aliens, how inteligent do you think they are? People generaly think of them as super advanced, but who knows, they may be like we were in the dark ages and whatnot…

That depends on how long they’ve been alive. If we take ourselves as an example, they’d need about a billion years to evolve to our level.

Unless they evolved at a slower or faster rate then us… which is possible, but Idk, I dont believe evolution anyways. And dont flame me because of it either.

Yeah, I could tell you didn’t. That’s where the “science isn’t real” bull comes from: religion.

Thats actually not were I got that from… and I never said “science isn’t real”, I said “it isn’t proven” and to be honest you can’t realy prove religion either…
woops we’re off topic again… sigh

Okay, my responses to all three topics of this thread.

Regarding aliens:
The Drake Equation is an equation to calculate the number of communicating planets/species in our galaxy. It is as follows:
N = R* fp ne fl fi fc L
where N is the number of communicating planets in our galaxy,
R* is the number of stars in our galaxy,
fp is the fraction of those that have planetary systems,
ne is the fraction of those that support life,
fl is the fraction of those on which life has evolved,
fi is the probability that such life is intelligent,
fc is the probability that the intelligent life is able/willing to communicate,
and L is the length of time that the intelligent life can/will communicate.

So, with the rate of star formation and the number of stars already present in our galaxy, there is a decent chance that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy.

Regarding IQ:
I think that person’s IQ is something that should be kept private; if everyone is assigned a particular number that defines their intelligence (and all decisions such as employment will be based on that number), then what are we other than a simple deterministic society?

Also, 140 is genius level.

Regarding the credibility of science:
Science is, simply put, the reaching of a conclusion based on data obtained from various experiments. It’s like doing math by trial and error - when you, say, perform division, you find that if the sign of both operands are the same, then the quotient will be positive. If the signs differ, the quotient will be negative. If the divisor is zero, the quotient is undefined; if the divisee (for lack of a better word) is zero, the quotient will be zero. After enough experiments with the operation of division, a person comes to the conclusion that the above applies to all situations.

  1. You can hardly call the product of a bunch of unspecified fractions a “decent chance”.

  2. Well put.

I bring thee:

Red is evidence for science, in %, and yellow is evidence for religion, in %.
As you can see, you cannot prove or disprove either one, but the sober mind will choose science.

Man, this topic derailed like that train I saw on the news last night…

Anyways, I thought that our species evolved in 25 million years. Of course, that’s proof coming from a 4th grade textbook I read about 10 years ago, so I’m really not sure.

IQ=Pointless. It’s a subjective quiz. Get over it. It’s just one way of someone saying “I’m smarter than you!” I got a 89 on my latest IQ quiz, and yet I appear to be one of the smartest in my class. Just because you have a low or hight IQ means nothing.

No science is proof. We know this. Yee haw. But look around you. Anything you pick out with your eye and then study using evidence recently gathered or a memory of said object is the scientific process, in a sense. Your using previous and current knowledge to deduce the properties and meaning of an object. For instance, I can look at the table my mouse is on, and say it’s wood. Do I know for a fact it’s wood? No, but it looks like wood, feels like wood, and even smells like wood. I can deduce it’s wood. Science may not be proven, but it’s pretty easy to use science to explain even the simplest of things.

Back to Aliens. As I said earlier, I say aliens do, if not must, exist. It just makes sense. And as I said earlier, I doubt that they would visit Earth, because, as I said earlier, Earth is a backwater planet. We’re on the edge of the galaxy, and are just barely beginning to explore space. I doubt that, if Aliens had space travel capabilities, they would visit Earth.

Also, if aliens KNEW about us, they might be curious as to who we are. Assuming their thought processes are anything like ours.
God knows we’d bombard any aliens we found with transmissions and send robots and shit there.
To which they might respond by nuking us to hell, but y’know, we’re curious!