All hail the Queen

the Metroid queen
the basic structure was of the original sprites
color was taken out, and then some parts reformed
then began the fun time of making it as you see it now
it is obviously incomplete

Rundas 45 did the legs <_<

i couldnt quite get the shading down on them

Wow, that looks really nice :astonished:

Only complaint is the legs are too shiny and straight. Not very powerful-looking :neutral_face:

i really like the crackly looking shell. great job!

Swell job indeed :stuck_out_tongue:. I’m kind of wondering Samus’ size relative to the queen, eh?

all thats left to be done is the spit, shall upload in a sec


the old spit is still there, as a reference to make the new

Bravo. Very nice.

thank you =]

high fives :wink:

once i figure out the spit

another Metroid custom will begin <_<


The queen reminds me of an assassin spider.

What’s that you say? It’s a family of spiders… WITH NECKS.


I so totally want one of those as a pet.

mind > blown

… Where is it’s neck? Or head? Or legs? I can barely make out any of it.

“mind > blown”

The thing at the top right is the spider it’s eating. The long thing going left from that is its jaws. At the end of its jaws is its head (you can see the eyes), and going down from that is the neck. The stuff at the bottom is the rest of the cephalothorax (More thorax than cephalo, but it and the head are still one segment, I think. The neck is solidly fused from what I understand.) and the abdomen (the grayish pointy thing). And it’s standing on its legs, of course.

mind >> blown

I feel sick.

its creepy… and yet… i love it…

spit is done <_<
i think…


somehow it reminds me of a bird with a fish in its mouth