An actual Skyrim topic


They had military consults that helped them with the animations and how the weapons look and feel. And how you move around with them in combat.

I guess they have a bit more real fighting experience than you.
Shooting people in Crysis or Counterstrike does not count.


Typically speaking, games like COD or Crysis will overdo animations and guns to make them look cool.


You also have to realize that Crysis is not exactly striving for realism. Even the graphical style is a bit cartooney.

I for one am psyched for Skyrim, and I know that the modding community will take everything that Bethesda screwed up graphically, and make it all better. I’ve enjoyed every single Elder Scrolls game so far, and I think that this one will be no different.

Crysis 2 used only DX9, and it still does look gorgeous (except for that stupid motion blur) So them not using DX11 or 10 isn’t really a bad thing.


If you have a problem with the motion blur I may be able to assist you.


Yes it is striving for realism. Crytek themselves said so. And it gets very, VERY close with lighting mods.



DX11 patch is going to be released by Crytek for Crysis 2. Prepare for your hardware to be tested.


Unless you don’t have Windows 7.


Or Vista.


Well on Vista its DX10.1 isn’t it?




No, both Vista and 7 support 11.

Vista/10 were a total overhaul of the underlying system, that’s why there were so many performance/compatibility issues at the beginning. 7/11 are expanding on it, so both are compatible with Vista and vice versa.

There IS a cracked Dx10 for XP… but it doesn’t support any Dx10 features, it just lets you run Dx10 games, with any Dx10 features disabled.


The bit about Vista and DX11 is news to me. I thought 11 was going to be exclusive to Windows 7 like they made DX10 exclusive to Vista.



MS couldn’t make Dx10 work on XP, that’s why it was a Vista exclusive. Dx11 is 10 + some stuff, so it runs just fine on Vista. I suspect somewhere around 13 or 14 will be another exclusive.


Either way, I’m really excited to see what they do with it. There is heavy use of water, so I would expect some water tessellation, and maybe the aliens could take a few hints from that as well, being jelly like.


The water is already Tessellated, actually. It’s just not done the way Dx11 does it. It’s done the same way as in C1 (except on consoles).


I know what a tessellation is, but what does it mean in this case? Is it a graphics-enhancing system for water?


Either way I expect the DX11 settings will cause my PC to stop running the game at 30FPS at 1080p, which makes me wonder if it’s really worth it…it also makes me wonder if I shouldn’t invest in a better PSU, maybe overclock my graphics card and get another one.


Guess which one uses Tessellation (or Vertex Displacement Mapping, as they call it).


The good-looking one. :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, fucking Skyrim.