An actual Skyrim topic


Meh, ‘new’ engine doesn’t seem to have changed much. The grass in particular still looks like crap, it’s just got a better texture.


Well, I preordered it to get 50% off the Quakecon pack. Lotta game.

Anyways, some new screens if you haven’t seen them:


^I only think this one looks good because of how small it is, the LOD distance seems to be pretty bad.

^The warrior.

^Fallen tree looks… phenomenal.

^Same ruins as Obivion. Are they trying to tie it in, or just reusing? Also, notice the water is rendered on top of the grass.


Skyrim is just north of Cyrodiil.

I like how it sounds like they are singing in swedish in the trailer.



They’re singing about cheesecake…THIS IS NOW CANNON!

Anyway, I thought briefly about pre-ordering Skyrim, but then I pre-ordered Deus Ex instead.


I pre-ordered Skyrim for the Quakecon pack ($30 ftw).

Considering I don’t own 90% of the games in it, I think it was a good deal. Heh.


I finally figured out why everything made in Gamebryo always looks strange: Nothing except people cast shadows.

Looking at the latest screens/vids, that seems to be somewhat changed, finally.


Well that kind of comes with the territory when discussing 10 year old engines.

Anyway, didn’t they say that this was running on an overhauled gamebryo?


They said it’s a brand new engine.

Then I went and read some of the fine print on the website. It’s Gamebryo.


So I, being the idiot I am, decided to do a 100% run through Oblivion before Skyrim launches.

60 hours later, at something like 10% completion, I’m beginning to think this was a bad idea.


Anyways, I made a giant map so I can mark what areas I have done and whatnot… it’s not looking pretty.


…You couldn’t have just done that on your computer?

Anyway, you should definitely sell it once it’s finished.


Better to have a physical map, can play/map same time… because unfortunately, they took out the ability to write on the map that Morrowind had.


So, now that Skyrim has actually been released, what do you guys think?

Some guys on my floor bought the X-box version and have been letting me play. I’m level 38 or something and I’m finding it pretty fun. Although tracking 20 quests at once can be a pain. I have OCD about quest tracking though. EVERYTHING MUST BE TRACKED!! :smiley:


100 1-handed, 92 heavy armor, and 83 block.

I’m level 25.

…except dragons. I dominate me some dragons.

Other things worth mentioning:
Good god, Bethesda got some good artists. MUCH better optimization of assets (doors leave a bit to be desired though). Also, best textures I’ve ever seen in a game (though low-res). Finally a game that doesn’t look excessively clean and pretty… it’s grungy and awesome.

World map? AWESOME. Also, love the “cleared” tag.

Story? Meh. Saw that coming though.

Controls? Can you say “Built-for-consoles”?

Glitches? Over 900 have been reported for work on the “unofficial” patch.



I assume you got the PC version then?


But of course. You expect Bethesda to fix all these bugs?

Another reason for PC: We’ve already begun work porting Morrowind and Oblivion into Skyrim.

Also worth noting, I found this today:…Eslsf_DgbAZC3NG


Well I expect a(n ideal) company to treat its customers with respect. If that means fixing the bugs, then they should do it. Developers should always strive to fix bugs.


In a game as massive and open ended as Skyrim it’s impossible to make it bug free, but you can certainly try, also looking forward to playing Oblivion in a game with mechanics that don’t drive me up the wall with frustration or boredom, also I really like that they made archery and magic rewarding in the early game.


That didn’t work with Morrowind (1600 unpatched bugs), nor Oblivion (2200). I’m not expecting much to change.

It’s most certainly possible. :wink:
We’ve done it in Morrowind (as far as we know), and nearly done it with Oblivion.

That’s not to say this isn’t a great game. I most certainly love the 120 hours I’ve stuck into this game… but some things just need to get fixed.


Okay, remembering that it is now 9 years on from the initial release of Morrowind and 5 from Oblivion, sure its possible to bug fix a game that massive, with 6 or so years of extra testing and programming.


For a game of its caliber, it most certainly is very smooth, even with all the reported bugs. I’ve only ran into one or two in the many hours I’ve played it.