An Idea for a metroid game. (SHARE YOUR OWN TOO)

I have a really good idea right now! I made this scheme up a long time ago and even wrote it down in notepad!

Title:Metroid Prime 4: Return to Tallon IV
Time in the Metroid chronicle: Between Metroid Prime 3 Corruption and Metroid II return of Samus
Plot Story: After the events of Metroid prime 3 Corruption Samus Aran flew through the skies until she got a signal from the Galactic Federation but this time, not a distress signal, they said that on SR384 the planet adjacent to SR388 they found a creature that looks like a cross between a hunter metroid and a giant squid. The discovery was amazing! instead of attacking them the creature acted like a friendly puppy twoards them. They brought it to the B.S.L station (the same one as from Metroid Fusion) and now they want Samus to come check out the creature so she goes to the station and she traverses through the station to the Orperations Deck and the reaserchers said that until they could find the correct name for the creature, they named it “Metroid Squid”, they said that they would take the organism to the Cosco Space station for further reaserch. But then as soon as the creature was shipped there the Station was under attack by an anonymous anomaly, Samus goes there, Players will find this to be just like the first area in Prime 1 she then finds the Metroid Squid dead on the floor and as soon as she was going to check for lifesigns, somthing come crashing through a glass window. It was RIDLEY!! she then fends him off and soon she sees the medival dragon fly out of the station but not soon after setting a time bomb off, as soon as she was about to jump into her ship, a huge pillar falls onto her an it pins her to the floor. With mere seconds left, Is this the end of everybody’s favorite bounty hunter? The station explodes, Samus which is floating on a peice of scrap metal gets up and survives the explosion but not without losing all of her abilities exept for her Power Beam, Power Suit and Scan Visor.

PT 2

With no other place to go she jumps in her ship which did not have much damage. She then gets another message from the Federation asking if she is alive she says “Yes, I’m not dead.” They then tell her about an increase in pirate activity on planet Tallon IV she then flies there. Her landing spot ? the remains of the Chozo Artifact Temple, It looks nothing like the beauty of how it was before the crater collapsed. The statues that killed Meta-Ridley are still there albiet, charred by the fires. She finds her first Item in the Tallon Oasis AKA the landing site in Prime 1, the morphball (or maru mari), after traversing thru the Chozo Ruins collecting various Items she finds a creature in the Sun Chamber that looks a lot like a gigantic serpent killing him gives you the Varia Suit, soon in the Ruins, she finds The Stronghold, a place where the holiest artifact of the Chozo is supossed to be held, the Sacred Platnum Pyramid which gaurds the Metroid Containment area. Recentley, It has been stolen and broken into shards which are are scattered along the planet. But then she finds some disturbing news, In every area in the game the pirates biult labs in every area in the planet Samus is sent to find the 24 shards and Destroy the labs, no easy task for Samus. after she destroyed the labs in the Chozo Ruins, Phendrana Drifts, and Magmoor Caverns, she then has to pass through the Frigate Orpheon to get to the final lab, The Mines. The Pirates drained the frigate, and fixed all of the damages. It is now a Parasite Queen Breeding Lab. Inside She finds tanks upon tanks with Queens in them and she soon gets to fight one after that she leaves and goes to destroy the final lab and get the final shard and she goes to the Stronghold. and then an old friend of hers comes back, Quadraix who is ready for a rematch after defeating him, the gate to the Metroid Containment Area, she goes in there and in the 6th room, The Metroid Queen comes! after a long and hard battle, she warps into a different room. In the last room the Queen’s head is connected to a robot body, She becomes Robo-Queen. Samus Kills her during the death cut scene, . She says " You may have defeated me, but I STILL HAVE ONE LAST DEFENSE!!!
All of the sudden a bright blue light is shone, SAMUS COULD NOT BELIVE HER EYES WHO IT WAS!
DARK SAMUS!!! Thats right, Dark Samus! she somehow survived the explosion on Phaaze and managed to scrounge a little Phazon for herself. and also she had one more thing, the last bit of Dark energy! she absorbs it and becomes OMEGA SAMUS! she fires an absoulutly GINORMUS dark/Phazon mixed beam! however Samus hid behind a rock and after she fires, Dark Samus falls apart and the true creature is shown. He says " Samus, I am sorry I ever did this to you. I was once a normal Metroid, still loyal to the Chozo, Until the Leviathan came. Corrupting all of our minds the Leviathan seed landed right on top of me, Corrupting me until I took this hiedious form. Samus, Metroid are still being corrupted, even when Phazon is naught, Samus You need to Go to SR388 and terminate them. I have a time bomb. I need to rid this disgusting planet of the peacful stars." he sets the bomb and disapears. YOU ONLY HAVE 15 MINUTES UNTIL THE WHOLE PLANET BLOWS UP. As soon as she gets to her ship the True Final Boss comes, RIDLEY!!! She finally kills him and she escaped as Tallon IV is utterley destroyed. First a raging fire burns the planet, killing all life Tallon Overworld is now a dead wasteland, Chozo Ruins is nothing but a desert, Magmoor Caverns is Overflowed with Magma and The Mines is a rocky watseland and Phendrana Drifts is Now flooded. In 3 minutes the panet crumbles apart and Samus’s Ship flies away.

Woah. I made up a game like five years ago with the exact same name… :astonished:

What was it about?

I have an idea!

Metroid: Return to the Earth

Samus accidentally the whole ship and crashes into a volcanic world. She then dies of heat exhaustion and returns to the earth, so to speak (i.e. decomposes)

the end!

cool, amirite?

Starts game making furiously



the funny thing is that that’s about the only game that would take less time to make than i have attention span…

I’m not sure if you said “Samus accidentally the whole ship” intentionally or not but I can’t stop laughing at it

of course it was intentional. :smiley:

I figured that was intentional.

I can see it now:

Comp-"Press A to perform evasive maneuvers"
Player-presses A
Comp-"Sorry, I meant press B"
Samus- “Oh no! I accidentally the whole ship!”

my cat wont SHUT THE FUCK UP
so i forgot the funny thing i was gunna say =[

There once was an ugly barnicle. He was SO ugly that EVERYONE DIED. The end.

Spongebob for the win.

anyway all the funny comments here have brightened my day, thanks everyone :smiley:

can’t remebah dawg

i think it would be cool if samus got outlawed in a game, and had to fight marines etc.
she could maybe get framed for murder or sumthin :sunglasses:

Metroid 5. :stuck_out_tongue:

She’s already on the run.

Also I already know the music to Metroid prime 4!

Tallon Overworld:
Sunken Space Pirate Frigate:
Chozo Ruins:
Magmoor Caverns:
Phendrana Drifts:
Phazon Mines:
Metroid Quarentine:
Metroid Containment Area:

Two things. One. Thats all music from Metroid Prime, and the music is the same as well. Second. Metroid Prime 4, or whatever it’s going to be called is not even in development. How in the world is there going to be music.

You sir, were duped by kiddies on Youtube.

OMG!! that wasn’t funny for almost a full 5 minutes XD!

Epic win on 072 filter. xD