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New song “Dorian,” I thought of surrounding areas such as a forest in the outrider world. This song is part of a series of concept (demo) music made for GMI’s developing game “Outrider.”

Bad News:

I have my GCSE’s so until there over (End of June) I’m not going to be working on new tracks, because of revision.

Good News:

I will upload a new track soon from my new album, you can expect a fuck load of new material from July onwards!

Dan :slight_smile:


I’m planning on getting my new Mac in a few weeks I was thinking about a Mac Pro, what do you guys think?

Here’s a new track: “Time To Go”

Hope you guys like it :slight_smile:



I’ve always been a PC myself, but for the stuff you’re doing, a Mac would probably be better.

Sorry I can’t help you a little more.

The song sounds good though. I think you nailed it with the kind of music that would be playing when someone is leaving this world.


all the software you can get on a mac you can get on a PC
there is literally no advantage in that department

the only difference is that the mac comes with it
and the PC you have to download it


I’ve heard that macs are better for multimedia things though…?


Nah, courtesy of 3rd party software there is literally nothing that Macs can do that PCs can’t.


see, thats their marketing strategy
honestly the apple marketing team could sell air


For $500. Heck, they make $750 profit on a $1500 iMac.

Apple is first and foremost a marketing company. Secondly, they build everything with high-quality exteriors, so people think they are nice, and hence can get away with cheaper interiors. Read: Cooling systems.

I must congratulate them on what they do well though.


500 would be the Apple Jar of Air Light
the 50 oz upgrade would be another 300
and if you want the 150 ox upgrade, forget about it, 1200


And if you want your jar of air to be stable…

Oh wait…

Thats included in the price. XD


yep, but you cant open the jar


You need the special iJar opener.


and the jar only comes in white
and you cant draw on it or anything to make it better


My New Single is now put on iTunes please buy and rate/review it on iTunes!!!…gle/id450784391


Bought and rated.


I don’t’ use iTunes…


I don’t buy things…


I’ve just uploaded my new remix of Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd


If you like please add a comment and rate/subscribe

Dan :slight_smile:


Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the inactivity over the last few months - A levels are a bitch.

Anyways here my latest song, which is actually a remix from Metriod, enjoy and please leave comments and criticism.

Dan :slight_smile:

Awake In Torvus


Being a HUGE fan of the original song… I feel like your rendition doesn’t capture the atmosphere and emotion of the area. As a song on its own, it’s very nice to listen to, but as a Metroid song, I can’t help but feel aggravated. That’s just me though.