Animal fights!

i dont approve of the other content on the site but i found this one to be harmless and funny! enjoy!

That’s really well made and generally awesome. Good find :smiley:
EDIT: Holy shit this site is AMAZING.

Ok, those were both really funny.

The elephant one especially appealed to me, since I used to watch Pet Star (I know, pretty stupid show). I think that the Human either really sucked at darts, the elephant was really frickin’ good at darts, or it was staged, but I highly doubt it was the last one.

funny how the elephant had to step in and show the guy how dart throwing was done!


I think that was actually the elephant’s stupidity, though. He just didn’t realize that he wasn’t supposed to shoot at the other guy’s target.

i know, i was just kidding!

Oh. >_>
Well, good joke. I laughed =P