Another Metroid 2 Remake

A small progress report:

  • I added a couple of features to the gameplay: AutoClimb lets you climb small (1 or 2 blocks high) legdes while running, just by pressing Jump. AutoMorph lets you morph instantly when running against a wall with a narrow passage, simply hold diagonally down.
  • I tweaked the jumping mechanics a bit. Morphing in the air or shooting from a spinjump both preserve the vertical speed now, it feels much more natural and fluid.
  • Finished the subscreen. Now it?s fully functional. It?ll be accesed from the map screen, like in the classic Metroid games.
  • I?m about to start area 4. I hope it can be finished before the summer (and most of my free time) ends.

Here?s a small video showing some of the new stuff:

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Aren’t things like the loss of momentum what make metroid challenging? ahh well at least your making puzzles based on the maintenance of momentum.

DM4, everything you just programmed wa pure genius. Especially the autoclimb and automorph. And that plasma spazer combo looks awesome. Keep up the great work. I can’t wait to play this. Truthfully, I’d pay to play this :wink:


Progress has been quite slow these last months, due to personal isses. But the project is still alive.
Here?s a video showing comparisons between the original and the redone versions of some places and events, just in case you don?t remember them.
You?ll see a small preview of the Gamma Metroids too.

As always, you can follow the project on the official BLOG:


Those metroids look hardcore. And pretty tough to beat too. Very nice.

DM64, those Gamma’s look very threatening. Keep up the good work!!

i saw this doc. not bad i can’t wait see what omega’s look like. i was preaty shocked when i saw the power bomb animation. thats what it should look like, a force of energy that expands, insted of expanding then contracting. also nice enimie sprites :smiley:> :smiley:>

Well seeing as this fangame actually released, I think a 9 YEAR bump is in order.

What are everyone’s thoughts on AM2R?

Absolutely love it. The gameplay was fluid; my only real complaint was the visuals. They weren’t bad, but most of the tilesets and backgrounds were recolored rips from Zero Mission and Fusion, which caused them to clash with the new artwork. Some other lighting effects and little atmospheric details would have added a lot, but considering the time constraints to release by the anniversary, I’d say Doc and crew did a fantastic job.

but considering the time constraints to release by the anniversary

Hah, we know a thing or 2 about that around here. It’s incredible just how much work ends up getting done the night before.

My biggest complaint was with the maps - a lot of the areas just felt really awkward and large, and the “room surrounded by a room” bits feel wrong to me, even though Super did the same thing.

Gameplay was super crisp and well executed, however, and I had an absolute blast playing it.

Oh, so good. So very good. <3 I had minor complaints about visuals here and there as you’d expect from a project with a couple fan artists, but as far as I can remember (since it’s been a while since I played it), I felt the level design was significantly better than Metroid: Samus Returns.

Heh, the most-watched of my YouTube uploads are both still AM2R tech demo videos (25k + 20k views).

It fluctuates a bit, but this is probably my favourite Metroid game. The controls were nailed, atmosphere was perfect. It did the impossible, turn Metroid 2 into a good game.

Haven’t had a chance to play it (or Samus Returns) yet, but based on the videos I’ve seen, it seems like AM2R was a lot more faithful to the original than Samus Returns.

Dead thread buuuuut new AM2R update brought to us by @Lojical


Extras (continued from 1.4.1, may update soon):


  • Removed Septogg directly to the left of the ship to avoid confusing players.
  • Changed controller screen text to encourage players to purchase Metroid: Samus Returns.
  • Fixed distorted glow on controller screen.
  • Modified Zeta arena in A4 to prevent players from being knocked into room transition.
  • Added shatter particles to Genetic Lab tubes.
  • Added extra Hatchling sounds.
  • Modified randomizer logic to prevent Springball from being at the Super Missile location in the Golden Temple.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Varia/Gravity suit animation to create a slope below the pickup location.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the Queen’s Power Bomb death to be triggered early, resulting in an offset explosion.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the Queen to be killed twice.
  • Fixed bug that caused ammo/health drops to be visually distorted after moving.
  • Fixed internal bug that caused sand to misbehave. Players will notice no difference, but the devs are much happier.
  • Fixed internal bug that caused the Fusion Queen Death tiles to misbehave.
  • Changed 2 pixels on the Metroid Husk sprite to fix a distractingly sharp angle.
  • Fixed a bug in the X Parasite spawn routine that caused the game to crash in specific circumstances.
  • Added message informing players that Fusion Mode is unlocked on the first time the 100% cutscene is seen.
  • Added seed saving and display functionality for random game modes.
    • Seed and randomizer type will display below savefile when selected in main menu.
    • Seed and randomizer type also viewable in the Extras menu.
    • Savefiles generated prior to 1.4.3 will have their seed defaulted to 0, if it displays at all.
  • Added Castillian Spanish translation. Thanks u/atemporalDarkness!
  • Prevented Baby Septoggs from spawning at a time they should not have in BG3.
  • Made Samus immune to the pull of floor turbines in A2 while wearing Gravity Suit.
  • Fixed visual issue with Ramulken eye drawing over all layers.
  • Fixed bug that caused the splash sound to play while moving between two cave rooms shortly after completing A5.
  • Blob Fly AI tweaked to make them less aggressive.
  • Spike Wall Septogg in A3 now will not disappear during Random Games unless either the Space Jump or Speed Booster have been collected.
  • Fixed missing collision in one of the Waterfall rooms.
  • Added randomized Omega Metroid variants. This change is purely visual, and does not affect gameplay.
  • Larval Metroids should no longer be able to glitch themselves through walls.
  • Added option in the Extras Menu to display the in-game timer under the HUD.
  • Modified a set of crumble blocks in A5 to give players a faster backtracking route to collect a Screw Attack walled item.
  • Cleaned up several information files included with the patch.

This update is primarily a bugfix update, but it adds a lot of polish to already-existing features as well. Enjoy!

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Nice! :smiley:

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Posted this a bit late, but here’s a sneak peak of the redone Surface by Shmegleskimo(formerly Killpanzer)

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…and a gif for good measure.

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This is hyyyyype

Did the lighting on the morph ball always flip around?

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I think the lighting on it was unidirectional, but I can’t remember…

Happy Pi Day! Here’s a sneek peek at the art update to celebrate!