Another Metroid 2 Remake


Now I like the idea of having Power Grip in M2, but Prince of Persia does not suck…

Other than that though, seems like some real progress has been made. As stated before, sprites from different games do not make. Though they are just placeholders for now, right?


That’s faster than my WC3 runs, which appears normal at 32fps. This game looks like it’s going to be a success. Keep it up man.


Yes, they are placeholders for now. I’m making the level layouts and the enemy AI code right now, when everything runs fine I’ll work on the graphics.

Oh, by the way, we all get that the powergrip text is a placeholder too, right? Prince of presia games are classics.

Thanks everybody for your encouraging words. I’m finishing the tech demo, I’ll let you know when it’s ready.


Alright! i have never played M2, so this will be an awsome experience for me! :smiley:>



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There?s a little surprise at the end.
Feel free to post your best times too. :sunglasses:


Excellent control compared to any other fangame I’ve seen, including GM P2D.

Very awesome music.

Cool new stuff. (Yay floor button!)

Man, it took me 5 times to beat it (died to lava twice and died at the end twice), and I’m apparently missing 5 items. Sheesh. But I loved it. :smiley:


That was pretty neat! It’s like one of the very best Metroid engines I’ve ever seen!

Now, I have a big question. Is this gonna be like a simple remake of MII, or are you going to bring in some more areas and some story? For example, I’ve always wanted to check out the GF ships that were sent there beforehand…


I only found one issue with the engine. You can’t spider ball properly on diagonal ceiling tiles.

Edit: Actually, there’s one sound issue, too. If you’re charging or spin jumping after you beat the boss when it fades to the scoring screen, the sound keeps repeating.


Since I’m too lazy to actually play my way through the entire demo, I’ll give my input on what I did play.

Very good, but the lava seemed to kill me rather…quick. That may just be because I’m so used to not having to worry about lava. Also, definitely offer customizable controls. Of course, this is just a tech demo, so I wouldn’t expect it…yet.

Very good, I look forward to playing more of it.




Mmm, after considering this game for a while, I have to say, while it’s certainly impressive, and very robust, I’m not sure what took you 2 years about it.
There are no real flaws, so to speak, but being built off someone else’s engine, and using entirely ripped tiles, I would have expected much much less time.

Oh, and goombie, was that really necessary?


The main reason of the long time is my lack of free time. The development was frozen about 9 months last year due to personal issues. Most of the first months I spent on the project I had to redo most of it, since I changed the way to do things as I was learning how to code properly.

I ripped the sprites and tiles myself. I later discovered sites like the sprite repository, and the spriter?s resource, but I already ripped everything I needed. Then I re-ripped some of Samus? animations, just to have them properly aligned (that?s why she runs so naturally, compared to other fangames). And ripping tiles is time consuming too, but after a few tilesets I discovered VBA?s debug tools, that saved a lot of time.

And there are things you haven?t seen yet. Making the SR388 levels took about half a year, most of the first temple rooms were revised or redone. Making each room requires object placement, doors scripting, camera scripting (just the big ones), and hidden area scripting (some places). Making the demo you played took about a month, most of the time was spent on level design and testing.
Among other things are a couple of enemies more and the stacked beam system, it works but it still needs some tweaking and balancing.

By now I showed you the basics of a Metroid engine, what I considered is polished enough to be shown. And even then a couple of bugs were discovered and reported. (thanks Mason, I?ll look into those)
I posted about the development time in the project?s blog, feel free to take a look.
I could have shown you the engine a year ago, and it might be as cool as it is now. I showed it now because, right now, I know the game can be finished.


OK, your main problem here, I see, is counting the 9 months freezetime, it makes it seem longer.

I agree with ripping your own sprites, my current build of my metroid engine runs silky smooth, just a few jerky animations, but I know of only one metroid game (official and fangame) that fixes that, and it ain’t made by nintendo.

Level designing shouldn’t take that long, recruit some designers!
For scripting, I tend to be a lazy bugger, and spend more time coding, so it just… works.
Um, anyway, I still think it took a while, but so has tTEP, so…
Meh, whatever.


Here’s a video on YouTube of me fairly quickly getting 100%. And here’s a video of me beating it with 1 item in about two-and-a-half minutes.


^You know, you could’ve just speed-jumped right across the last lava pit…


Here is my 100%item run:


Very good, I don’t want to pay any money for the download, so can you make the download for free like P2d’s Team.


What, 3 mirrors not good enough for you?


Does this game work on gamemaker 7?