Another Rest Period?

Are you kidding me? Viewtiful Joe was an AWESOME game.
NSMB is insanely good, too.

Because they still have to draw every frame, just like ya’ll are for P2D.
That is a LOT of paid work time, and they have to have skilled people to draw them.
Models, they create one, and use bone structures to animate. 1 model vs like 200 sprites. Per Character.

I never said it was. I just said it was too expensive.


But that actually still uses the 3D model. What I was talking about is Pre-rendered 2D images that at one time were models. If done properly, you probably couldn’t tell that they used to be 3D, because they could have been made on more powerful hardware, meaning no see-able polygons.

<_< good god, no. If you make a model, you have to texture the whole thing. And if it’s supposed to be high quality, you have to do a really good job. I’d honestly rather make a sprite…
Seriously… and it’s not actually every single little tiny movement. Usually, a single step will be four to eight frames.

Edit: Sorry, typed that up fast. By frames, I meant poses, stills, sprites, whatever.

You have no idea how godawfully ugly all games that use that technique are.
One of them’s a Metroid game, interestingly.
Metroid Prime Pinball.

And most of Blizzard’s earlier games… and while they looked great for sprite games for the time, they’re all fucking ugly by both sprite and 3D standards any more, from Starcraft to Prime Pinball.

And then there’s Mario vs. Donkey Kong… ye god, that game was hideous. Even Super Mario RPG suffers from it a bit, as amazing as it was overall.

Does Killer Instinct do that? And/or Mortal Kombat?

I remember those both had some very ugly animations. (SNES)
EDIT: Yeah, looks like Killer Instinct does. Mortal Kombat is just ugly because it sucks, though.

in fact, if you think about subspace emissary in SSBB i din’t think that was bad, if done right it would be good

and today sprite techniques are far more advanced than in the past, today you can make the sprites for the body, legs and arms and assemble then to make the whole, made by professionals, it would be excellent

After seeing this image… I DEMAND that Nintendo does a remake!!!

…oooookay, go play subspace as Samus a while and tell me if that’s how you want your Metroid game to look.