arceus' sprites

so ya!
My images
of the new game i am
making and there more characters
in the game I am making called ninga.
I will get batter at spriting, eventually. :sunglasses:

No comment. Except for, you know, this comment.

I really really lol’d :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah no comment


Quote for Truth

(Zurg, why did you replace that?)

Lol 072 put a word filter on it…

really? I didn’t know you could do that

please ban me

huh? test successful, that’s a kind of asinine thing to do

072 apparently isn’t fond of quoting things, particularly when you’re quoting them to point out that there is truth in the quote. And to a lesser degree, state that we agree with it.
Result of a 3-post please ban me chain in some thread.

please ban me


Just encouraging some creative thinking for a change.

Quoth the Varis, for realization of truth!

And by creative thinking I meant “How can I agree with this post in a manner that contributes to a discussion and not just my post count” creative, not “How many ways can I find to evade the word filter” creative. Just in case you didn’t pick up on that.

You need to start making the strings really screwy…

Just pick random words associated with quoting and put filters on them. xD

Well, considering CMC just dick-slapped any encouragement for creative thinking outside of the realm of “Avoid the word-filter”, I somehow think your statement fell on deaf ears.

However, I am ready to try creative thinking, even if that means relinquishing my ability to reveal the truth in something I may have quoted. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t know people still cared about post counts.

But I see your point.

i dont care about post count
but when someone has said something that i agree with that i cannot add to
quoting for truth is the only way i can think of to state it


Good day gentlemen I take my leave.

I swear I’ve tried that before on this forum and it just came up as broken tags.

lilz <_<