Anyway, yesterday I discovered that all of the RTS’s ever are rater above 8.5 on GameSpot. Which is really flippin’ amazing, considering how harsh gamespot is.
In order of graphics:

  1. Total Annihilation
  2. StarCraft/Brood War
  3. Red Alert 2/Yuri’s Revenge
  4. C&C: Generals/Zero Hour
  5. Supreme Commander [u]___These two about even.[/u]
  6. C&C3: Tiberium Wars /

In any case, who plays them, who wants them, who’s getting them, and who has them lying on their shelves, unused?

  1. Played it once, I think.
  2. Play it.
  3. Lying on a shelf :<
  4. Gave it away, but I <3 that game.
  5. WANT!!!
  6. WANT!!!
  1. own it but cant find the campaign(sp?) cd >.<
  2. have it but no CD key. currently on way to blizzard (the snail mail way) as proof of purchase to get a replacement key
  3. heard of it but havn’t played, nor have no intention of playing anytime soon
  4. heard of it but havn’t played
  5. wtf is this? never heard of it…
  6. wtf is this? never heard of it…
  2. the new C&C game, based on the NOD/GDI universe.

oh 5) looks sweet… like TA (total annihilation) but im sure has different gameplay. it must be for advanced systems because judging from the up close images, it would require a really good comp to run. maybe the engine has a way of lowering the poly count on the units and buildings the farther you zoom out. by the way, cavedog, the company who developed TA, went out of business so theres no way of getting your hands on a copy from retail at all >.<

TA was a great game, so if any of you want to try to get your hands on it, i would suggest ebay.

Or coughpiratingcough.
It’s not like you’re hurting anyone by pirating it anyway, and you’re not risking being sued by cavedog, seeing as they don’t exist…

Anyway, yes, it requires a good comp to run. Both of my computers, I tried running the demo, and it gave me “Error: Your computer is a piece of shit.”, and started deleting my hard drive. :confused:


(1) Never played, but keeps in mind
(2) Never played
(3) I have C&C First Decade so yea, I played RA2, bout to start of Yuri’s Rev
(4) LOVES, played bout 5 hours today alone. I made the Rangers shoot Aurora Bombs instead of flash-bang grenades >:3 (WIN HARD!!!)
(5) Downloading >:3
(6) Wants, but is unsure of performance on my PC

Siged…That is all.

you have never played stacraft? you have got to be kidding me. it is the father of all modern RTS…

WTF win >_>
I had First Decade, that’s what I gave away. But I still have the Soviet Disc of RA2 for no reason.

PS Yay sig =3

hey! my computer is a a piece of shit too… sig me! =(

I find the lack of Warcraft VERY disturbing. Lurk moar.

And also, in any case, Warcraft II was the ‘father’ way before Starcraft, even… >_>

Slipped my mind; I hate WC3 :frowning:

StarCraft: Lying on shelf… >.>… <.<…
WarCraft: Gave away for Dawn of War - Dark Crusade… then I bought the originals so I can pwn with Space Marines online… >.>… <.<
Supreme Commander: Comp not good enough for demo soooo… its not on my list
CnC:Generals\CnC:1+2: Never played
CnC:3: Played demo… but I couldn’t get the impressive graphics so I decided to skip that one.


(2)Starcraft = played…meh

(6)CNC3 T-wars = me has…BOOYAH FUSKING AWESOME, Ion cannon = <3

No seriously, the engine is SO DARN efficient O_O. It loads faster than Generals and it looks manifesting. Almost perfect control scheme and interface. Plus you can add commentary to the replays :smiley:.

If you have the minimal requirements (2.0 Ghz, 512 Ram) GET THE DARN THING.

WIN HARD!!! That is all.

I decided not to get it a few days ago. Got Supreme Commander instead, mainly just to be different <_>;
Still haven’t played Supreme Commander, though. Can’t get my new comp working :<

Oh, and .

Wait, the demo didn’t work but you bought the game anyways?