*** Artifacts of the Month ***

I think Sloth meant general backgrounds that we could use in a bunch of rooms (such as those Tallon Overworld mountain BGs we have), instead of room-specific ones like what we were originally doing with the Frigate. It’s more practical anyway, and any room-specific details could just be placed over them.

Alright. I’ll work on it.

Anyway, I tried doing the phazon.

Not sure of the colors, but I like the animation:

Here’s it by itself without the cover, as well as without some small fix I made that I don’t think affects much:


can you make it move faster? it looks chunky as it is.

maybe add 2x frames?

It shouldn’t be rotating. It should be moving in weird patterns up and down the blob, and kinda shimmering. VERY good colors though <3
EDIT: I just realized that’s the opposite of what you said. I didn’t mean to contradict you, that’s just what I happen to think =P
EDIT2: The first post needs to have a standing Samus to be used as a reference.
EDIT3: I claim the charge beam for myself.
I’m not sure if that’s actually what it looks like in the game, but at least that’s proof I’ll be working on it >_> (and it’s a sexy animation).
Not finished, obviously.

->Metroid Zapper: yes, there isn’t any snow on the stalactite but maybe you should make it more blue (+20 saturation in Paint should do) and I was looking at your left icesheet, but the right one is better.
->Troid92: You might need to think about dithering on the Phazon, and instead a glowing animation for the Phazon. Keep that shiny, moving pattern for plating on Phazon Pirates. The box is good, but add a slight blueish contour around the Phazon leak.
Idea/suggestion:I suggest that we can take each other’s work and correct it, and if the original spriter approves a better version then he should keep it. This should be done via PMs, and the original spriter takes the credit. It is CORRECTION, and not a question of finishing another’s work. You correct a detail you think is wrong or inacurrate and after send it to the original spriter.
We should do several Artifact things for different areas, which will save time and will be more organised.

EDIT: You could base the backgrounds on the REAL ONES: you know, like the one you can see through the Space Jump room or in Phendrana Drifts if high enough, like in Chozo Ruins. If you’ve got Action Replay, it will be easier, or if you have some bug like I had >_< (see-through walls).

Troid, I think you should add a couple more frames in between the current ones (as HP said) to smooth out the animation. The animation is fine overall, and I’m pretty sure that’s what the phazon leaking out of that crate actually does, I dunno, I’ll take a look when I have time. The shifts my workplace are throwing at me are barbarric -.-

you call random sized circles moving in squares around eachother sexy? :neutral_face:

Suggesting ideas is helpful, and drawing them out is generally more helpful. People at PixelJoint do it once in a while.

I recolored the ice of the far right stalactite.

Now just imagine what he says to ladies <.<

Yes, yes I do.
Well, no, not really, it needs a lot of work, but it’s quite fun for a 2 AM animation =P

Doesn’t the charge beam thing spin clockwise, then anticlockwise? It accelerates and decelerates too.

Is that an interesting idea? I’m posting a second time, and nobody apart from myself has actually commented on it.

Aside from the fact that what I did was pretty much just what you said. :sweat: And I commented on it: " Suggesting ideas is helpful, and drawing them out is generally more helpful. People at PixelJoint do it once in a while." Oh, and I actually did it before you said it, sooo…

You can lend advice, and if someone asks for your help, that’s fine. But “taking the liberty” to correct problems you see is just obnoxious.


None of them found it obnoxious. I’d say you’re probably one of the very few who find it obnoxious… I have never understood why some people don’t like being corrected.

But yeah, we could always have a “I don’t find it obnoxious for others to edit my sprites to demonstrate what should be done with them” line at the top of each post or something. :slight_smile:

I, personally, would like an atmosphere where a sprite is predominantly a person’s work, but is also the team’s work. I wouldn’t mind if a person who knew better than me fixed a flaw in my work. I understand that not all people would want that, but I’m personally completely fine with that.

If you see a flaw in someone’s work, you should tell him or her how to fix it. If they aren’t getting it, there isn’t anything wrong with a demonstration (demonstration != fixing it for them).

My vote? Fix it if you ask and get permission. Do not just grab someone else’s stuff, plaster your own crap all over it, and say “this is how you do it”.

Good: “I have an idea, could I try something with your sprite?” “Sure!” fixes

Bad: “I hated ___ in your sprite. Here’s my version which is better.”

Erm, shit. I have a Gamecube, but no controller. HALP >_>

Watch a speedrun…?

Then I can’t see the charge beam at all, especially since speedruns side-dash to get it.
I’d need a video of like a minute long with nothing but the charge beam in it…

This is the best thing I could find on Youtube. Perhaps it could be of some use.

Charge Beam

Pause it right when it gets to 2:03. It shows the upgrade at the bottom of the HUD. It might help.