hey man, i asked his what he’d be doing and all i got for an answer was:

TL:DR my name is EA

dw i aint gonna bother no more…

okay guys to get ya off my back ill tell you what I’m going to do I’m going to learn and do spriting all i need is someone to design me a metroid engine thats all im asking for now if its gonna be any nasty comments please dont write on here thank you

That’s exactly what we’re talking about.

see, the engine is pretty much the bulk of the work

what people look for when helping a fangame is at least a partially worked on game, not just an idea

what you need to do is get yourself Game Maker and spend some time with it
yanno, find some tutorials on how to do things
(not just try to stick them together and hope for the best, mind you)

and start chiseling out an engine base
then later down the road, maybe you can find a programmer that would take over for you

then you could get on the spriting with some other spriters

hell, i got sprites laying around you could use

By the way, you are behaving in a nearly identical manner to myself back when I was new to the forums.

Read through that and you’ll notice the similarities. You gotta remember, we’re not all a bunch of workers eager to help you. We’re just fans like you. We don’t get paid for making a fangame, thus we show no desire to just jump into a large project, especially one that only consists of an Idea, and contains no actual content. Take our advice, go play around with game maker, or whatever you want to use and come back with something to show for it. If you continue on as you are now, you’ll only find disappointment.

… why is your name lily now?

ok guys ive listen and taken in what you said now im spriting samus and coding her now i will be posting pics up soon and a little vid on youtube i dunno when this will be done but ill keep this topic updated

thank you

Hey dude. This is the kind of shit you need to learn to be able to draw your own sprites if you don’t want them to look as crappy as most other fangames:
I used 4 colors + transparency in the first image and 16 colors in the second. I guess I could take away a few colors from the second image. I see that I fucked up the Z too.
Don’t remember how many colors I used in the third image.

My advice is that you start with the code and start on the sprites when everything else is done.
I did the other way around with my game and I still after like 5 years only have most of the graphics done. Nothing else.

plus theres a ton of sprites already done laying around on the net

Only lamers downloads those. Are you a lamer?

i sprited a lot of them for people to download just for this reason, fangame!

You are a lamer!!!111!! ONE

Everyone has said what needs to be said, but I’ll throw in my 2 cents. First of all, I really wouldn’t recommend doing a Super Metroid Remake. There’s already one being developed, and from what you’re saying you just want a clone of Octohunter’s game. So basically, you’re saying you want a remake of a remake…? I understand getting inspiration from another’s work of art but this isn’t exactly what most would have in mind. Also, I don’t know what’s with new fangame developers and their acronyms but it’s really starting to bore me to death (seriously there’s AM2R- Another Metroid 2 Remake, ASMR- Another Super Metroid Remake, YOUR game which I can only guess will be called ASMRA- Another Super Metroid Remake Again, MPE2D- Metroid Prime Echoes 2D… You get my point).

But anyways, yeah… >_>
If you’re serious about making a game, I’d try moving away from this “remake craze” kids have today and think of a somewhat original idea. And as for programming, if you’re using Game Maker I’d suggest looking at plenty of tutorials and just messing with the program until you finally get the hang of it. May take a little bit of time, but ultimately you’ll be much better off than you were before. Ripped sprites can be found at either The Shyguy Kingdom or The Spriters Resource, and Game Maker / GML tutorials are everywhere as well. People here won’t be making any engines for you or composing a soundtrack for your game, but they will point you in the right direction if you’re really determined to do so.

dont forget
most of my metroid sprites are up there :3

okay guys im in need of some sprite and tilesets and backgrounds ill name them for you


Zebesian (Spacepirate) ones at the beginning all the way through to the end
Zoomer (Crateria and onway to brinstar)
basically some enemies from crateria and brinstar mzm style


Title Screen remake


*Tilesets and Backgrounds:

Space Colony Cebres
Crateria and Brinstar Green area and red area

please :wink:

Nobody’s just going to make these things for you. That’s what we’ve been trying to tell you. Even the projects that have fully functional engines die because of a lack of time/motivation, so a game that has nothing behind it whatsoever except for a “producer” or whatever you called yourself is automatically doomed to fail.

my advice would be…

until you have everything all set, use place holders!

hell, you could get the zero mission zoomer
you could use the lobsters, sorry… space pirates from zero mission

until you actually have something to show so people will be like “i wanna do that”

Instead of saying “Hey! Nobody’s gunna help you!” you could just not help him. lol.

he has to MAKE me wanna help