Hey guys i am doing a remake of super metroid and possibly a sequel to the game based on after other m if ya lucky :wink: But i need a really good spriter and tileset maker, a really good coder specifically that’s good at GML (Game Maker Language) if that’s what ya wanna call it, etc i was thinking of making it like zero mission style (

ill shall be adding samus’s status where you can turn on and off the beams, suits, etc like you could in super metroid and ill be adding some more stuff like spider ball booster ball and much more to come especially beams and there will be more enemies and new rooms for these items to be found in :slight_smile:



oh p.s they wont be any navigation or any of them statues to tell you where to go if its gonna be a metroid game lets make it a true metroid game where ya have to do all the findings and puzzles ya self that will puzzle ya minds and that like old school metroid apart from a remake :smiley: oh if ya can remake the super metroid title and intro :slight_smile:

can anyone help?

So basically, you’re looking for people to do all the work? You need a spriter and coder. You’re doing none out of all the work. fail.

Well, if you want remakes of super metroid music, then I’m the person to look for. I enjoy remastering metroid music. As for the rest, you really should learn how to code. No one is going to even think about helping you if you have nothing to show.

and what, exactly, will you be doing?


He came up with the idea, silly. :stuck_out_tongue:

cuz that is TOTALLY enough


Under The Ashes noooo i will do some work as well I’m not gonna let every one do all the work. yeah I’m not a spriter i suck at it I’m alright at coding but not that good to code a metroid game. If they have to they can do the codes in notepad and ill input them from there and i promise your names will be credited that’s a guarantee lets just say i wanna put a team together and make a super game that all metroid fans will love if that makes any sence to ya lol but yeah i don’t really wanna sound lazy because I’m not. I’ve seen some projects on here and I’ve never seen one that doesn’t have help on the project’s far as i know to make a game you need a team to make it like a proper game designing company. They will have the level creator, the character and enemies designer stuff like that. Just think of it like that like I’m the producer and (your name) as the character and enemies designer and (your name) as the level/tileset creator. But out of all this i will put all the levels together and import the sprites and the codes from who ever makes them and like i said you will be credited. anyways i hope you understand all this lol.

Sgt. Cortez thanks and show me the music that you done or when ya done them and like i said above I’m alright at coding but not that good to make a metroid engine :slight_smile: but like i said credit goes to who ever makes it happen.

Candy Man Criminal read from the top :slight_smile: and i will be doing stuff trust me

Zurginator thanks man but its a forum people have to have they say lol but hopefully they will read from the top not where they names are lol thanks for you support :slight_smile:

To all that’s commented sorry if you have misunderstood on what i said i will be doing stuff i made my self out to be lazy sorry but there is nothing wrong with asking for help i mean all you have to do is make sprites and codes (notepad) and post them on a site for me to download and ill do it from there :slight_smile:

2 examples of what the game may look like Google Images btw not actually game footage Title Screen an Space Colony

Title Screen Remake

Space Colony Remake

So you’re basically saying your “team” will make everything, and you’ll just put it in an engine and hope it all works.

Games don’'t work like that, pal.

He’s gonna be the EA of the project. :wink:

Phlakes sigh i don’t hope i know it will work just give me a chance and if i don’t get it to work ill give up on the project yeah ill scrap it but until then we’ll see fella and lol to zurginator :wink:

very judgmental some people are…

Here is a hint from someone who is working on such projects:

Don’t go “ohey guys I have an idea and I need programmers and artists and such”

Go “Ohey guys, here is the project I’ve been working on for a few months, and here is what I have so far. I need help in these areas…”

Typically, the latter gets help, while the prior doesn’t.

or if your me you can have a mostly working engine, but nobody will help anyway lol

and as i said the first time
what exactly will you be doing?

No, you don’t, and it won’t.

We’ve seen this so many times before, we know what’s going on.

by the way, zurg is being sarcastic
he’s not on your side or anything

he’s just a dick xD

I personally think that its sad that it takes you guys chewing out some poor sod who just doesn’t get it to spark proper activity on the boards >_>

That’s why I maintained the passive approach.

hey man, i asked his what he’d be doing and all i got for an answer was:

TL:DR my name is EA