Aspergers acquired.

Ah, dang. I can’t quite copy those other three topics because you don’t acquire Aspergers; you’re born with it.

But you can be told by a “verbal logic” class instructor that you may have it, thoroughly read a description of it, and notice that all diagnostically significant, and most diagnostically insignificant, symptoms fit you precisely.

Do you think I have Aspergers? Not that most of the factors involved would be easy to judge, since you don’t know me in person. But from what you do know, and from the fact that I think it fits perfectly…


P. S. I’m intrigued! Not crying for attention or anything. It’s not like it’s a terrible, debilitating, deadly disease that I suddenly obtained, even if I do have it. :stuck_out_tongue:

i have aspergers
i’ve been diagnosed
so has one of my friends

as for if you have it
do you shut down in large crowds?
do you like meeting new people?
would you rather go to a party with just your friends or with a bunch of people you dont know including a few of your friends?

Spoilers: It’s actually AIDS.

Autism runs in my family, so I do a bunch of asperger’s things, but I think it’s entirely pointless to get diagnosed if I am. It hardly qualifies as a disease. You’re better at a lot of things, worse at some. W/e IMO.

Yes, no, the former. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Wiki page doesn’t say it’s AIDS. Haha.

You’ve never seemed to me, though the power of the internet to have it, but I don’t know you IRL :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case, so what if you do have it? It doesn’t make you weird(er :stuck_out_tongue:), or otherwise less of a person.

Maybe I’m one of those people who have been kinda looking for an explanation throughout the years as to why I seem so strange compared to everyone else!

That would mean that it matters, at least a little. :wink:

Meh, I hate how there’s the slightest amount of eccentricity and your personality is automatically attributed to a disorder. It’s just the way you came to be. And If you don’t get along as well with people irl, it isn’t any more your fault than it is theirs in my opinion. You get along fine here, don’t you? It’s just that we here have similar interests.

On that line of thought, about not being able to tell how a person really is on the internet: I disagree. I myself am very, very different in person, but who’s to say which one is the real me? There’s a quote that goes something like “Give a man a mask and he will tell you the truth”; probably not worded right, but I hope you see the relevance. >_>

The Asperger’s thing is partly about being unable to recognize (or express) emotions in verbal language. Most of the other things stem from that.

And it’s a very specific list of personality traits that makes it a disorder in this case.

Also it’s not very specific. It’s like a any 10 out of 15 type thing if I remember right.

I’ve got that, ADD, and an EXTREMELY mild form of autism.

…I’m screwed up.

Out of nowhere, s123i68 refers to himself in the third person so that he may agree with 072.

Also, your quote made me think. It scared me…

Knowing me IRL, I would say that I don’t have Aspergers, although, it is a distinct possibility that I didn’t pick up on. I personally believe it’s less of a diagnosis, and more of a “Do I have it or don’t I? I think I don’t, therefore I don’t.”

Reading that wiki made me wonder if I do have it, however.

You do realize the definition of Asperger’s is “an EXTREMELY mild form of autism”, right?

Also fun fact: Anyone can get an ADD diagnosis if they were born in the 90s, and anyone can get an Asperger’s diagnosis if they’re alive in the 00s. You fit both!
So you’re not screwed up, you just have mildly hypochondriac parents.

lol, they tried to tell me i had ADD once
and i was diagnosed before the 00s for aspergers =D


I knew one kid who had been diagnosed with ADD. He was on pills and everything, but for no good reason. My mom used to babysit him. Well, one day, his mom forgot his pills at his house, and my mom was freaking out, afraid that the kid was gonna go ape-shit, but he never did. He just acted like he did normally. He seemed as normal as the rest of us, which was not amazing in the least.

So my mom told his mom, and the guy hasn’t been taking the pills since. The school board flipped a lid when they heard he wasn’t taking pills, so his mom actually had to explain to them that he didn’t need them.

He really didn’t need them, either. That incident convinced me that doctors do not know how to diagnose children. I doubt they know how to diagnose adults.

The ADD epidemic is one of the most retarded things ever to happen to mankind. We ban supposedly dangerous “illicit” substances while at home we get ourselves stoned off of shit like Ritalin and Valium. Funny, because Ritalin, while legal, has the same effect on the brain as cocaine. Way to fucking go.
I have a friend whose life was effectively run into the ground because they force-fed him antidepressants for a few years. Yeah, the pills magically make the pain go away… not. They sent him into fits of psychosis every time he took them. Fun! He barely lived to be as old as he is. At one point later he got himself an ADD diagnosis and sold Ritalin on the black market for cash. Oh the irony…

I think what I’m trying to say is I shit on people who think eating a pill every day will dissolve their troubles. Chemists haven’t the faintest fucking idea how their medicine works, and if it looks like it makes lab rats feel better, if it helps the 100 people you bothered to look up for your clinical trial, that’s pretty shitty justification for putting every kid who walks in with a nervous tick on cocaine for a few years.

Only drug I’ve never seen negative long-term side effects from?
Why isn’t it marketed for stress relief?
Oh, right. People can grow it, so you can’t hold a monopoly on it and earn money from it. It’d be a fucking pity if doctors stopped being able to receive bribes from drug companies for prescribing Prozac to every person who walks through the goddamn door.

</cynical as fuck about the state of modern medicine>

EDIT: Also </having the worst day of his life>

dianosing a child with ADD is like saying a child is a child and thats wrong to be as a child =/
also you cant have ADD and ADHD
but many people claim to have both, saying a doctor told them they have both

there needs to be some lisences revoked because of this

Well…I was ‘diagnosed’ and I run without my meds. Except on tests, because I PERSONALLY see a difference between being on and off. It’s not worth the cons at other times, but it really does help ME with tests.

Having ADD would help me. I’m the oddball at my school, but there’s no medical reason. I’m just weird. I have five heart defects, but thats about it. Almost died a few times, but I’m still here. XD

a kid at my school has asburgers… it seems like he’s always looking for attention but often he acts like a retard. he also randomly rapes people shouting “WANG!” repeatedly. i was gunna write an anonymous letter to the office to get him expelled or something but i think he can just hide behind asburgers and say it was the disease not him…

anyway that’s my experience with asburgers. not as bad as you i think xD

anywho, i might have autism but i’ve never looked into researching it.