yeah this guys kinda a douche
rundas animates his shit beautifully

as for you
shut the hell up
you’ve no idea what youre talking about
or should i say who

to me right now
youre an asshole who just came to insult our sense of confidence

@Mew: Did you make those? They are very good. =]

Screw this. I’m not even a team member, I’m only here because this is the last bit of SCU alive. I’m done with the pointless arguments.

[GenericName]45, if you think you can actually spark some life into this dying project, do it.

MewX, you don’t know anything.

~Hugs & Kisses

GenericName45? xD
not making fun, I actually laughed at that.
I’m just annoyed that I TRY and put some spark into this and you guys just bring me down.

PY got banned, and Zurg who is one of P2D’s “main” members, freaked out, and got himself banned as well. Yesterday was pure chaos >_>

you really need to work on the double posting xD
you forgot that first it was PY got suspended
then Tim
the PY came back and got banned
zurg spazzed, got banned
blah blah blah

koolaid is calm
lets keep it that way

I only double post if it’s two different subjects. And editing a post, and getting a quote in there is just a pain…>_>

MewX is actually right, FY all you guys’ I.
There’s always a fair share of all-caps enthusiasts trying to keep every fangame, failed or not, afloat. The problem is that enthusiasm doesn’t lend much by itself. The project needs an active leader, a more fulltime approach to every job (along with massive cuts to the team size), and a better understanding of the goal of each part of the team (there are currently no specifications for spriting style, programming style, music style…). As it is now, the project is a mashup of parts that don’t fit together well.

Regardless, this topic is about how the mods are running the forums into the ground because they think their right to dish out punishments on a whim supercedes their responsibility of keeping the forums alive. Let’s deal with the issue of poor leadership in the likeness of absent admins who only pop in to the forums to lock topics and suspend people before we deal with the issue of making BST FANGAEM EVAR.

Final note: Troid92, MetroidHandler, and DestroyerF were/are amazing moderators/admins/leaders of the project. What do they have in common? They contribute to the project, don’t pull stupid shit like suspending people for quote tunneling (wtf does that bring to the project, Daz/072?), and do their best to make the forums an appealing place to be. Having admins who regularly abuse their power because “omg we’re the authority!!” doesn’t contribute or generate interest in the project.

speaking of DF look whos online

Daz is fine. But not 072.

Daz was fine until he started acting as though 072’s BS isn’t his responsibility as acting arch-admin.

0_o WTF happened here??? Haven’t been following the last few weeks, looks like things got pretty messed up. Can’t find the topics that started all this shit here…
Anyways, last thing P2D needs is active people getting banned, why not use the warn system?

I can’t predict what this will mean for p2d and these forums, but its unlikely any work will be done in this kind of negative environment. After all, people are still working on p2d because they’re having fun with it, or so it should be.

Maybe this is the time to evaluate the project as a whole, and see if there’s any future left for it. Don’t forget that a lot of work has already been done by a lot of people. Many sprites, backgrounds, music pieces and code snippets are already made. It would be a shame to let all of this go to waste.

Right now, this project needs a leader. I used to do this for some years, but I can’t take this task on me anymore, got my own business to take care of. But I’m still willing to help this project by any other means.

Damn this sux :frowning:

we were just talking about you >_>
Zurg and PY are banned, and Timmeh is suspended
and I am just sick of seeing this project take no progress

People have been getting banned because they’ve been ignoring warnings.

“It’s not my fault, the little pink boxes would molest my sister if I didn’t decide not to ban an active contributing member for the good of the project!”

This is bollocks, guys.

I fully deserved to be banned, that was, in fact, my intention, so stop whining about that. I think 072 was a little heavy handed, and that certainly contributed to my decision to leave, but the place has, frankly, become less and less fun over the past few months. It’s not you, it’s me, so please, stop acting like the administration has done something totally rediculous for not treating me like I’m above the law, and calm the fuck down because you all sound like whining 5 year olds.

EDIT: I like the way I couldn’t register a nick with the “PY” in it, you totally ruined this thanks guys.


Well, is there anything I can do to help around here?

Hmm…Well, It seems I picked the worst time to Join hm? I’ll be here I guess :confused:

Right, the problem of the mods failing to adequately perform their duties manifested itself in the form of your ban. I’m not complaining because I love you; you’re smelly. I’m complaining because your ban is a perfect example of one of the things that’s going wrong around here.

EDIT: Hahah, CombustableGoat, don’t worry about it :stuck_out_tongue:
You can replace PY. Just be funny and British, kay?

PS It’s Combustible, not Combustable

I won’t argue with that, no.