Tim, I’m listening-- why was it irrational to ban PY?

yeah, you did >_>

It was irrational to ban PY because you didn’t have the interests of the project and forum at heart. As a moderator of the forum, your first priority is a pleasant and stable atmosphere to maintain member interest. This means that things like fun are good. Quote tunneling is fun. Therein lay your first mistake. 50% warnings for most of the active member community for something that made the forums pleasant. Accepting that you did this even though you shouldn’t have, we come to the second point of PY’s suspension.
PY provoked you and disobeyed your direct request. I did too, but I can say for a fact that if your request had been reasonable, I would have been happy to obey. I can’t say the same for PY, and if he was planning on being a dick regardless of how ridiculous you were being, then he deserved a punishment. Problem is, sassing a mod doesn’t equate to 1 week of suspension. That’s a 10% warning situation.
Finally, after PY comes back, you, being more or less intelligent, realize that he is going to be upset at you. In any sort of loving community type of situation (compare to your mom when you yell at her because you’re in a bad mood) the responsible thing to do would be to calm things down, while standing your ground if you must, and then let things slowly cool to normal. Instead, you decided to ban him for being angry at you, which you provoked in the first place (compare to bureaucratic systems uninterested in the well-being of participants).
In short, you demonstrated that, as Dazzy likes to put it, “WE ARE AUTHORITY, YOU LISTEN TO US”, while demonstrating that you didn’t put any thought into the effects of your actions on the forum. The forums are now unstable and unpleasant. You’ve failed at your first priority!

i just kinda stopped at that, and lol’d


deetroid that’s probably the funniest thing I’ve seen all day

That Tim, was pure brilliance

Now that is funny, lol.

and I just saw that, I lol’d
great job D

D you have made my day xDDD

CMC and timmy speak the truth, actually I’m probably lucky that I didn’t go online at all yesterday due to band related shenanigans or I’d probably be in the same boat as PY and Zurg

Normal, from your point of view then, is a bunch of people who are doing whatever they want because a moderator isn’t going to step in and ruin their fun; from my point of view a bunch of idiots with no self-control. You may like things to remain that way, but I certainly don’t. That’s what IRC, etc. are for. I would rather there be no posting at all to that scenario, and because of that have no problem banning people who show no capability of changing, but don’t think that’s what I want. What I want, obviously, is for everyone to take on the oh-so-painful task of following the rules, which is what everyone here agreed to do when they signed up. What I agreed to do when I became a mod was to punish the people who broke that agreement. So who exactly do you think you should be angry at here? :\

theres a rule against quote tunneling that results in such a harsh punishment?

we’ve got who knows how many people with 50% warning
2 bans
and a suspension

all because of a joke

all spawned by a joke, the bannings were from temper and I’m almost tempted to agree with 072 however, and I want to make this very clear so no one thinks I’m a hypocrite, i think that banning them was un-necessary because we shouldn’t have 50% warn to begin with

Lmao! Nice, Deetroid. xP

Even if you’re enforcing the rules, which you’re not, as CMC rightly points out, you still have to bear in mind that the rules are a means to an end. If enforcing the rules goes directly against the end in question (the aforementioned first priority), then you shouldn’t enforce those rules, or you should talk to an admin to see if you can change those rules.

I’m angry at Daz for leaving the rules as they are - a form entirely unfitting for a community like this - and I’m angry at you for having the nuts to ban people, but not the brains to think about what you’re accomplishing. I’m glad you’re approaching your job with such overachieving gusto, but if you took a second to think about the spirit of your function as moderator, you’d see that there’s more to your role than dishing out punishment.

timmy this is 072 were talking to, so if yesterday was any indication were walking on thin ice

Oh, and yeah, normal is a bunch of idiots with no self-control. We’re all between the ages of 14 and 25ish. We don’t have paychecks to offer potential team members, but we have to make them feel good to ensure that they’re interested in helping and staying. So on a forum people visit in their free time, and on a team composed entirely of volunteers, you expect people to toe the line and act prim and proper? Please. All of us are here to have some fun.

Syntax Man, I’m already suspended, if I get banned it won’t be any more of an inconvenience :stuck_out_tongue:

really, you just posted, so i doubt your suspended /sarcasm

and again however wisdom pours from your mouth