background trouble

so I’m trying to make a pause that takes a screen shot of the current room
adds it as a background
and applies it to the pause room
it also saves a temp file to keep the position of the game

but i doubt im using the background adding and all that right

if file_exists("temp.bmp"){


yep =D

so how bout telling me what im doing wrong? =P

Sorry, I was more concerned with posting within the same minute. But I guess I missed anyway.

I don’t know what’s wrong with the code, I’d need more context to figure it out.

Inneffitiont way of doing it, try a surface thingy.

surface thingy?

Haven’t you considered stopping the game logic loop, and just draw the pause interface on top of the actual window? <_>

Surface thingy.

all i see is


yeah, already tried that
dont tell me much

Doesn’t tell me much.
Don’t tell me much is terrible grammar.

Looks up the functions, and experiment.
Ignore CFX, he’s wrong this time.
What I do is draw the screen onto a surface in a persistant object, go to a new room, draw that surface plus any ui you want, then go back to your previous room. Simple, eh?

i shall try that

as for the bad grammar
my girl friend has a southern accent
its rubbing off on me, lol

ive started to say y’all

no, CFX is right.

why would you do it any other way?

Because GM doesn’t let you do that very well.

CFX is right, in a language where you have access to outside the game loop, in GM, you do not.
In GM, the sheer quantity of ifs would be inefficient, and seriously time consuming.

pause is now fully functional

Go team!

But nobody even helped him. D:

Yeah they did :3