Battlefield Bad Company

Anyone looking at it? Comes out in June.

Another Battlefield?!
Each game is a clone of itself, the only difference is updated graphics and new maps, where’s the art in that?

And new story, characters, and timeline. :unamused:

Battlefield games really don’t have a story to them, I own Battlefield Vietnam and Battlefield 2142, characters don’t really have much to do with it either, unless you are talking about equipment options, which was disappointingly reduced to four in 2142. I can honestly say Between Vietnam and 2142, there isn’t much of a change, new battle maps and updated graphics are about the majority of it. :confused:

There’s also Battlefield Heroes coming out soon, which is an MMORPG of Battlefield, which I sort of look forward to simply because its free.

because its free?? what about because it looks fun

anyhoo BF bad company looks good to, i may get it

It blows. Flatout the demo sucks.

Eh, the hardest core gamer I know, you know, the sort that would get a closed beta key just by walking up to the door and saying ‘Here is my track record, give me a key, bitches’, thought it was brilliant.