Bejeweled 2

I like programming. It’s pretty fun. Who here has Bejeweled 2? Because if you do have it, well, you might find what I just made kind of interesting. For the sake of interest, I left the visual debugging stuff in there.

It’s a Bejeweled-playing program.

I don’t have it, but… I like programming too. >> worth it?

The game? It’s pretty much almost as fun as Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon/Pokemon Puzzle League, so yeah, it’s worth it.

Er no, your program :stuck_out_tongue:. I know the basic idea of Bejeweled. Similar to Tetris Attack in gameplay, yes, but without all the memorable music, familiar characters, and a much different art style :stuck_out_tongue:. Just messing with ya, heheh.

So… How’s it play the game for you? >> I’m assuming that’s what your small description entails.

I have Bejeweled 2, and I will download your program.

Well, it’s fairly quick (it’d be faster if not for Bejeweled’s design), but it makes a lot of mistakes when reading the special gems, and sometimes it repeatedly does something it’s not trying to do because it can’t detect when the blocks are done falling and whatnot, so it ends up with a gem selected, and the whole “click-drag to toggle two gems” thing doesn’t work when you already have one selected. :stuck_out_tongue: It also doesn’t intentionally go for 4s or 5s or predict chain reactions or anything like that…basically, it just tries to find a possible match of 3 and swaps the necessary gem, starting at the top left, like you read a (non-Asian) book. I’m probably going to add a reverse direction option for the sake of having a higher chance of getting chains and whatnot in the Endless, Timed, and Hyper modes. (In the other non-puzzle non-cognito modes, it seems to generally be the best idea to get the top matches first.)

Oh, here’s a screenshot. It failed at level 15 on Hyper Mode because it got stuck and the points drain REALLY fast.

Edit: It sucks less at clicking what it intends to click now. (Deselects any selected gems before clicking again.)

After several days, I unlocked a new mode, after reaching level 281!

Finity mode. It’s got those time bombs from Puzzle Mode, and the bar drains with time, too.