BF:BC2 Beta

Came out today, and is epic.

played it on 360 myself aaaaaaaaaaand it seems Dice didn’t learn their lesson from 1943 in that the server wasn’t prepared for all the people playing it, I got into one server this morning, then played some Mass Effect and couldn’t get into any afterwards.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that’s why us PC goers like our dedicated servers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that’s why I wish I had a decent computer.


Guess what? It looks like crap and runs like crap. It’s like Crysis, only it looks worse. :frowning:

you mean BC2?


like on your PC?

I love how if the graphics aren’t as high-end as Crysis’, they’re automatically crap.

he also said that it runs badly, which is odd because the 360 version looks and runs great.

I never said that because it’s not Crysis it looks bad. >_>

The tree line is awful. They don’t even blend it, it just stops and goes to a skybox. The detail textures are good, but often distorted.

treeline looks fine on 360, and I didn’t see any distorted textures, nor do I see them when I play the game at home.…22-17-38-04.jpg

Big image, so no tags.

Note this is the game completely maxed out (16x of everything) on two Dx11 cards.

I do see what you’re talking about but having scrutinized the 360 version the trees are better than that on the 360, weird, but not unheard of coughmasseffect1cough

I think this comes down to the resolution it’s rendered at. 360 is rendered at somewhere around 720p, and scaled, whereas this is rendered at 1600p. There ends up being a significant difference in how it looks.

Also check out that glove. FAIL on graphics.

“It’s like Crysis, only it looks worse.” Sounds like a comparison to me.

I’d like to direct you back to the video I posted, again better on 360 as result of that scaling you mentioned, now going completely off topic, any idea why running on max settings, 1337x768 on my friends PC, many of the textures in Mass Effect 1 look worse than the 360 version?

Sometimes the settings don’t hold. I know that happens with mine.

It doesn’t look much better though, it was built for 360, and that’s pretty much the best it looks on PC. :confused:

hm, my friend thinks that its because he’s on XP and perhaps its DX10, or rather, the lack thereof, but it actually looks like the 360 version of ME2 in some areas, the dual launch of ME2 is actually kind of unfortunate, because in areas the 360 version of ME2 looks worse than the 360 version of ME1.