evidently, why didn’t it say that on the screen on the bottom?


hic! Happeyh birsh daysh hic!


fuck if know, I made this account when I was like 12 so I probably lied about my age

EDIT: Nah, looks like I just didn’t have an age. Wacky!
I’m 18 now though. Woot.


zomg, im late, happy birthday!

and lawl at double birthday

also i feel old now, im gettin on 20


Thanks, everyone!

No, wait…


ZOMG I’m older than someone.

Happy Birthday chagi.




what no happy birthday for me?

i see how it is


sometimes thats just the way the cookie crumbles…besides, 20 isn’t really a socially important number, like 18, or 21 for you guys (I love how the drinking age is 18 where I live)

but happy belated birthday anyway :smiley:


So do I. I mean, why do you really think I’m moving there?


actually its only 18 in Alberta and I think Quebec, 19 pretty much everywhere else.


Birthday’s August 3rd, I’ll be moving up there around the 15th. I fail to see the issue with my logic <_<


well if I’d known that >_>





Happy birthday Rundas!


Happy birthday, CloudVaris.


Sweet pic =o


that cake is epic

also happy birthday


By the way, Manitoba drinking age is indeed 18, so I was legal to drink there both today and yesterday. As I thought.
And I still haven’t found an apartment.


At least you have a cake! :naughty: