Blackberry Which one?

Hey Guys!

Just been promoted to stage manager, at my university! I have got a Samsung E900, pay as you go. I have had it for about 3 years. It is hopeless at using the internet. I need a phone that can be able to access the internet quickly, look at emails go on facebook and have a to do list. It also must not be to big. I would like it to have a good media centre as well. Preferably 3G internet.
Any thoughts on which model i should get or if they are are any other phone brands you would recommend in my line of work?


Idk, other than I would recommend you DON’T buy an iPhone.

I’m pretty sure Samsung has some pretty good smart phones…

Don’t take that advice. iPhone is wintastic. I are proud owner. I have no complaints. It’s probably the greatest smartphone ever designed and implemented. Unlimited uses really.

ah, but is app creation open source? didn’t think so >_>

It’s a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

It does everything good, but nothing great.

omg who keeps giving zurg internets? xD

Sounds like Uncharted 2 >_>

I’m a pretty popular guy on Crymod. Probably them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I gave you an internet. It does internet great. Safari is the best phone browser that I ever have seen. And I’ve played with the Droid. My friend has one. It’s cool. You might wanna check that out.

Aye. I’d go as far as to say Android>IPhone. They don’t have as many apps yet, but they’re getting there. And if something doesn’t exist, I can always code it myself.

A guy at my church spoke on that. “I got the new Android. Eat your heart out iPhone users. Then it crashed.” I LOL’D so hard.

So yeah done some more research. So basicly its between the iPhone and the BlackBerry Bold 9700. I just can’t chose…

If you’ll use it for work, get the Blackberry. If you want a lot of stuff, get the iPhone. iPhone has better internet control, Blackberry has better organization and typing. But really it’s just if it’ll be mostly for work or not.