Blast from the past: Name this game?

So way back in the first years of school (1994-1997ish) we would play this game on the computer. I remember vaguely it having to do with Ancient Egypt or something like that. It was a side-scrolling game… I think it was DOS based, as I seem to remember using command prompt on the black screen to pull it up, but I’m not 100% sure. I would love if someone remembers this game so I can look back at what I used to think was such an amazing game and laugh… plus maybe give it another try. :smiley:

Egypt? Want to give some more info?
The only thing that even seems close is the original Prince of Persia.

I found it out by speaking with some other people:

And seriously, that was all I remembered. xD

Oh man! XD Those games were awesome. I never had that one, but I had one that had to do with a race track or something… Planes and cars. Fun stuff.

Ah yes, I remember those games.

Even I remember those useless games. Anyone ever play Math Blaster before?

Yes! I rocked those games years before I was in the corresponding grade! …yet I still don’t like math.

How about Chex Quest? Or Carmen Sandiego?

Hell yeah! Best games ever.

Best game to ever come from a cereal box, for sure. I remember a Carmen Sandiego game too; did that also come in a cereal box?

Yes. It did. I distinctly remember that. Those games were the s**t man. I still have loads of those.

i got one
you played as an egg


Whoa. I vaguely remember something like that.

…and what was that one Mac game where you were a raptor with a jetpack trying to save all the dinosaur eggs?

Fucking Nanosaur.

Ahh… chex quest…



so im pretty sure the egg game thing was either PS or SNES

I usually ignore the general gaming forums.

Today, I must mention a few old games I still have and loved!

Majestic - Part 1: Alien Encounter, by Istvan Pely. Such an obscure but fun point-and-click adventure with revolutionary graphics (pre-rendered) for its time. :stuck_out_tongue:
SimFarm (well, I don’t have it, but I wish I could find it)

So yeah, old games are the bomb. Every highly-rated modern game I can find is a first-person shooter or something similar, and I’m not particularly fond of FPSes.