Board Images

why are all the images hosted on imageshack? do ipbfree not do images or something?

I ask because imageshack has been fucking up for me lately, and I can no longer see “no new posts” images.

imageshack is all i know and love

That was happening to me earlier as well, but I believe it’s fixed now. I don’t know, maybe imageshack is the forum’s default image hoster?

The images used to all be hosted at SCU, and then after that they were uploaded to ImageShack. You’re right, that’s a serious problem. ImageShack’s servers seem to go down a lot more frequently now, not to mention that images randomly get deleted after a while.

This already happened to our EDIT button once. Anyone remember that? I ended up editing together a new one from the other buttons.

Quick plan: A few people should save all the forum images they can find to their hard drive. Shouldn’t take more than a minute or two.

Part two: A mod or admin will upload them to a reliable and indefinite location, using the quick plan saves from above in case the online ones get deleted.

Sound good?

Edit: Also, I renamed the topic. Could we please start using proper topic titles?

Just create a Photobucket account and upload the images there.
Using Imageshack is like licking battery acid for fun.

photobucket usually shrinks things
or gifs them

Nope. You can upload images up to the sixe 1024x768px for free.
How many images here on the forum are bigger than that?

But it converts BMP’s into JPEG’s. Bitmaps takes up pretty much space you know. And if you save anything as a BMP, then there must be something wrong with either you or the software you are using.



Anything look different?
No? Good.

Thanks, Tee :slight_smile:

What about willhostforfood?

it’s owned by a twat, who’ll probably take it down one day for laughs?

I guess you’re right.