I see that two of you want it on Steam. If one other person does, I’m willing to buy the Four Pack if the other three people pay me for their separate copies. Therefore it’s a discount for everyone.

Especially if there’s a four pack for the GotY edition.

Zurg and CMC would get one, and the one extra will be first come, first serve.

I MAY get in on that. Not sure. Don’t hold a spot, but I’m thinking about it.

i dont have money =[

If you give me a couple weeks to get my financial aid in so I can spend money again, I’ve got a friend I’d like to gift it to.
That said, if someone else speaks up before I get money, don’t wait up.

a friend of mine just bought me borderlands…

and amnesia

and mirrors edge

and killing floor

and left 4 dead 2

Almost a year later, my computer sucks less so I can actually run it, so the offer stands again.

Regular is $60, Royale with cheese GotY edition is 90, so that’s $5 and $7.50 off respectively.