i cant figure out how to make an object bounce

like samus in morphball

exactly like that actually :O_O:

anyone care to assist?

If you could tell us what program are you using we could help, personally I know shit about any programming language, so I won’t be of much help xd

oh, right xD
i always do that

im using GM

It doesn’t matter what programming language you’re using. It’s the mechanics that matter.

I’d just say:

if colliding with ground
let vertspeed = -(vertspeed/2)

For instance.

it just keeps bouncing o.o;


if vspeed>0 and place_meeting(x,y+1,block){

well thats what i got
i need a check that kills the vspeed to nothing when it gets too low
but everything i try doesn’t work

Just put your “if vspeed < 0.5 {vspeed=0;}” in the if statement… I’m not absolutely sure of the syntax (I’m not a GM user, but like Timaster said, it’s the mechanics that matter), but here’s what I’m saying:

if vspeed>0 and place_meeting(x,y+1,block) { &nbsp; if vspeed < 0.5 { &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;vspeed=0; &nbsp; } &nbsp; else { &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;vspeed=-(vspeed/2); &nbsp; } }

But you probably want to change that 2 to a 3 and the 0.5 to something larger so it won’t bounce as long.

What Mason said.
Definitely up the vspeed limit, though. .5 is REALLY slow =P