Brawl Stage Hacking

Infinant (Sp?) parts, custom preview pictures, beta parts, out-of-bounds parts.

Have fun. :smiley:

Wishing I had a PC even MORE


Yes, YEs, and more YES. It’d be cool if you could add your own assets like making your own stage as a model, and defining peramiters and such.

Holy Crap Saucer!!
That’s Fucking cool!! :smiling_imp:

I knew it. I knew there was SOMETHING like this! =D

This is amazing. The one thing they should do imo is the “ability” to add in your own music or something. And pick a restarting point for it or somethig…idk

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I am fully aware. :stuck_out_tongue:

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No because then you’d get songs like Scissor Sister’s “I can’t decide.” mixed in with annoying songs like Lemon Demon’s “Ultimate Showdown”, mixed in with custom MP3s of people doing the dirty.

Haha, I’ve been on top of the Stage Studio for a few months now. Sorry, I should have brought it up! xD

For your convenience, and so that none of you join those boards and post all the things millions of others have, here is a list of what IS and is not possible with the Stage Studio (that hasn’t already been done), according to FullMetalKirby:



I just meant for your own custom stages =/
Personally for you, not “uploadable”

i think pizzaboy found a way to play custom stages with friends (online multiplayer), i also think he was the one who started this whole hacking brawl stages thing.

What the hell man? I waited all weekend to get home so i could try this out and finally i downloaded it. i unzip it and double click the exe wich then causes my screen to go black and restart my computer. I got this computer 2 months ago! there’s nothing wrong with the components and it’s pretty up to date. I’m not using vista either. Is it my monitor? I have a 1440x900 resolution flatscreen. Help!

I got the same rez… what OS are you running?

Edit: And which .exe? (Don’t forget to extract it first)

Vista wouldn’t be a problem anyways, I don’t think. has, and SS works fine on it

I’ve got windows xp proffesional with service packs 1 and 2