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When you go out of the room with the dead Parasite Queen thing (to right right) and turn back exactly when the room transition starts and keep walking back, samus does not appear in the next room and you must restart the game.

Yup, that’s intended, the next rooms are under construction.

Nice find, Dragon, seems like you found a new bug. Not exatly sure what causes it…

Aha. Just makeing sure that it wasnt a bug or something

Hey is there gonna be a speed booster for when you’re holding down the run button? The one that lets you run faster? :confused:

No, the speed booster won’t be included.

MetroidFan, Dazuro bans for less than that. Not only did you post in the wrong topic, but you asked a question answered in the FAQ. For God’s sake, man, can’t you read?

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There’s a whole section called “FAQ”. In it, there’s a pinned topic that says “READ THIS BEFORE ASKING A QUESTION”.

We’ve all answered the “will some stupid item that wasn’t in MP be added?” so many times, I think half of the members of the forum want to chew on your intestines right now.
It’s already been answered, this isn’t the place to ask it, and it’s a stupid question in the first place.

Have a nice day =D

MUWAHAHAHA evil FAQ Topic! Yeah that is a must read because it answers about 90% of the questions that have been asked. Also DF it runs kind of slow on my computer. But it maybe because i’m running it on a laptop >_> (837 MHz Processor FTW!) - Note bad attempt at sarcasm

I haven’t been here in a while. I forgot what the fan site URL was called until I googled in Invision free with Prime 2DSorry about the SCUForums being shut down. At least you still have this place to post about stuff.

I’m happy that you still are doing well with the P2D Demo. I’ve got it downloaded and I’ll try it out. Good luck with the rest of the project. This is by far the best fan made game I’ve seen ever :slight_smile: :wink:.

EDIT: I tried out the demo and I must say the new look and new engine is just big time impressive. I’ll be searching for any potential glitches that I’ve found and post about it. I like the particle effects, but I think it seems a bit better that they don’t bounce around for the half-second they are around. The actual game doesn’t have them bounce around in Morph Ball tunnels :stuck_out_tongue:.


Okay, I think this has already been posted, but when you’re holding down the fire Power Beam key and then enter Morph Ball at the same time, the beam will still be charged up. When you go out of Morph Ball, the beam is still fully charged. If you want, I can use HyperCam and record the glitches and show them here.

Just to elaborate on the door glitch it seem shtat whe Samus walks through a door, it leaves her in the previous room until the screemn switches to the next room, as when you do the glitch you walk back into the room while the cam is changing to the next area. Thought I’d throw that out there and also Great Demo. I have been hoping for the full demo for awhile. You have a good thing goin here. Best Demo yet.

When will this demo be put in the downloads section of P2D? :confused:

Hey um there’s a little problem I’m having with the 3.0 demo. Two actually. One: I don’t have the scan visor! Why don’t I have it? And two: There’s this grey door that won’t open whatsoever! Isn’t the demo supposed to let you go through ALL the rooms? Please fix these two problems!

Hey, watch it now. Double posting is against our rules.

Anyway, what you’re playing are beta versions of the demo using the new engine. It’s not complete yet, so there isn’t a scan visor and the gray door blocks you from going any further.

<_< whoops got my facts wrong. He said the the next demo will be the same as 2.6 content wise.

I am 100% worried (Not impatient) about Prime 2D. Especially the full game. Am I going to rely on my Origami Metroid Prime stuff? I’m an Origami expert when it comes to Pokemon and Metroid.

. . .


o.0 I haven’t done origami since I was 8, and that was 11 years ago 0.o

What I ment was origami can be flat and it can be like 2D.

I think she means she has a craving for 2-D Metroids that isn’t being satisfied, and she’s worried that she may have to resort to Metroid Origami if P2D isn’t released soon enough…