California Prop 19…n_19_%282010%29

This could be the first step towards legalizing cannabis in the United States.


Fuck no.

The only good thing that could come from legalizing marijuana is small stimulation of the economy.

As opposed to a massive list of bad things.

Leave it to California to be the first on the idiocy bandwagon.

Elaborate, please.

They already have medicinal marijuana legalized.

and they seem to be doing really well.

Also, fun fact…
In the Netherlands where weed is legal, 20% of the population has tried it.
In the USA where it’s illegal, 40% of the population have tried it.
Proof that prohibition doesn’t help AT ALL? Mayhaps… mayhaps…

No, proof that people in the US are dumb motherfuckers and should have even more restricted access to drugs.


That’s just the physical effects. And for what, 0.01% more revenue in our economy?

argument made invalid by the fact of one thing

alcohol is legal

War on drugs is bullshit part 1.
War on drugs is bullshit part 2.
War on drugs is bullshit part 3.

Also phlakes, where did you get that?
Why do you care so fucking much? Legal drugs would work similarly to alcohol, please, for the sake of sanity watch the videos I have put up.

Pretty much this.

I’m all for Prop 19. Hell, if I lived in California, I would be voting yes on it.

Has anyone besides me read Prop 19? It’s treating Marijuana almost exactly the same way as alcohol. Must be over 21, can drive while under the influence, etc. The only difference is how much you can carry (if memory serves, anyone 21 and older can only carry 1 ounce of weed at any given time).

The restrictions treat weed like alcohol, which makes it extremely easy to manage.

Besides, it’s so easy to get a medical license in California. Tons of Californians (and guys from the Pacific Northwest, actually) are already smoking pot in broad daylight, and when a cop comes up to try and call bullshit, they just flash their green card.

I honestly don’t see why legalization is a huge deal. It’s effects are, at their very worst, as bad as getting sloshed on alcohol.

EDIT: Also, this.

also cigarettes, lul

It’s quite simple really, as was elaborated in the third part of the Bullshit episode cannabis can not kill you, it is physically and chemically impossible to overdose on the stuff it’s just not that toxic.

Compare that with legal recreational drugs nicotine and alcohol, the only practical way to take nicotine in WILL kill you eventually assuming something else doesn’t before that. As for alcohol, you get the same ‘bad’ effects of cannabis and it can also kill you if you have enough in your system, also, a brief mention of liver damage…that was it.

All in all this whole thing is a load of bollocks, it is a substance that should never have been made illegal in the first place, meaning that in a sane society something like this bill shouldn’t even need to exist.

Because it always has been (except for that one time in the 1920’s, but that just shows that if we legalize marijuana, there’s no turning back).


The reason there’s no turning back is because prohibition was stupid, and this, which is for all intents and purposes is prohibition 2.0, is equally stupid. It’s particularly asinine people who think that they’re soooooo fucking good as people that they ought to control your body and mind, its no different from Ingsoc (which is very bad).

The real problem is that you, like everyone else, have been lied to. The uniqueness here is that you, unlike most people, actually believed the impotent little fucks trying to tell you that marijuana is bad. It was beautifully satirized in south park, and Phlakes, did you actually watch the Penn and Teller I linked you to?

Here it is, again, summed up quite succinctly in about 30 seconds.

Let’s take a look at those liberties.

  1. Pursuit of Happiness- If marijuana is the happiness you’re pursuing, you have no purpose in life.

  2. Privacy- Banning drugs has nothing to do with privacy, not sure why that’s there. Unless it refers to police interfering with people who possess/use drugs, which is fine because they’re illegal.

  3. Freedom to Make (something I can’t read) Mistakes- So using marijuana is a mistake, eh?

  4. Choice- I guess we should give people free access to military firearms/ordnance and barrels of sulfuric acid, or they have no freedom of choice.

  5. Enterprise- I guess we should sell military firearms/ordnance to anyone who wants them, no matter how unstable, just to slightly stimulate the economy.

  6. Can’t read the last one, too low quality.

There are three reasons people think marijuana should be legalized. One, it helps the economy, two, it’s not dangerous, which is completely false. It may be less dangerous than cigarettes or alcohol, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe at all. And three, "ZOMG TEH GOVERNMENT IS OPPRESSING PEOPLE BY NOT LETTING THEM WASTE THEIR MONEY AND WELL-BEING ON A BAG OF PLANTS THAT MAKES THEM FEEL GOOD FOR HALF AN HOUR OR SO, BRING DOWN THE MAN, bitch moan get high and ruin any respect your friends and family ever had for you.

More or less.

Now I’m gonna go sleep. So I’m done with this for now.

Weed had always been legal… until the early 1900s

Fun fact: Marijuana was legal as late as 1936, and yes, it was legal during prohibition (irony :sunglasses: )

Phlakes you’re missing the point, people should be able to do whatever they want should it not get in the way of others including mess themselves up with whatever drug they chose, just watch the full fucking episode, I put that there because it was supposed to be a /thread sort of thing, then you, the main person on the board opposing this don’t even look at the strongest argument against you, instead choosing to continue repeating the government’s propaganda back at us.

because if the people are not allowed to, a black market will be created, thus funding dangerous, violent drug cartels and other bad things. Legalizing and regulating something ensures that the drug doesn’t go to the wrong person (i.e. underage people) and it eliminates a black market.

Did you know that on a per-ounce basis, weed is more expensive than gold?

And that is only because these drug cartels have a monopoly and it is a pain in the ass for them to get the product.

Beer & Alcohol.

I call bullcrap on that line.

Yes, yes fake id’s get procured by under 18s…sorry 21s (forgot this is the land of silly laws) but at least you aren’t getting them from an unscrupulous dealer who doesn’t give a toss about age, if its the law to mandate selling only to people at a certain age then acquisition of the substance becomes harder if you don’t meet the requirement because the underground trade doesn’t exist any more.