Calling all... M072's and Daz's

Remember those escape pods I did a while back?
As it turns out, I need to edit them a bit more, and not just darken them, but maybe make them smaller. Plus, I’d just love to have them saved on my computer to work with…

The problem is, I don’t have the layers. I’ve got the finished work, but some idiotic part of me made me delete the layers.
Do either of you two have them, for some weird reason? If you don’t, I can make do without them, but if you do, that’d be really great =D

EDIT: The thing that looks sorta like this

Sorry, I only seem to have the full version…

<_< >_>


Not the frames… the layers.
The glass, and the not glass.

Like that’s even hard to get out. <_<

Um… it is.

I don’t know what the original colors were.

My two cents: You could just improvise. So long as it looks close to the color in the game it should still be fine. (BTW, I think it looks great, but I think the blue going up the glass should be darker since I can barely see it >_>)

I say just a little bit darker not much or too much just about 20% darker.

This isn’t a topic discussing that sprite…

That’s a really old version, my new one is… perfect.
Ok, no it’s not, but it’s way better than that one.
realizes something

I may have it!
Anyway, thanks for the comments, and for trying. locks