Castlevania Judgment

Click here if you are a castlevania fan

yeah this game looks like fun (if your into this sort of thing)

I thought for a second it was Soul Calibur III with Castlevania music and custom Castlevania characters.

But wait, it’s its own fighting game? I don’t think it looks very good.

“I’m a Belmont.”

Holy shit.

Those vids won’t work for me, so sorry if this is a repeat, but…

I think it actually looks pretty awesome, personally.

As long as they allow for a real control scheme.

Wiimote gimmicks are fun for a lot of games, sure, but don’t make for a great balanced fighting game.

Also, I need that Simon art. I NEED a sig/av. <3

Hmm, is this the first time Simon’s ever had a voice actor? I can’t think of any others…

Also, lern2spell. Judgment.

Edit: Wait.

Did Simon just say Richter’s line from DXC? That line made me lol to no end, and they brought it back… YES.

Look, things flashing on the screen! Buy this, it has Castlevania in the title!

I think it looks like soulcalibur for Wii…as in a proper one…not legends.
The only complaint I have is Repetitive attacks and such…the trailer looks awsome…but the in-game I see like 2 or 3 attacks per character, plus a special.
Also, the block looks to be a little bit too effective…they need breaking moves or something.

Sounds like they have about as many attacks as in the original SSB, which ain’t that bad.

ain’t bad for a game like ssb, but how the heck would it work for a fighting game like that? I’ve played fighting games like that with very few moves, like the standard punches, kicks, and some odd random things, and it’s very frustrating and boring after a while. Especially when it’s a Gundam game and you can see the weaponry sitting right on them, but all they do is occasionally pop off a couple of rounds of their guns. But… meh… maybe it’d be cool.

It’s not a standard fighting game. It’s been compared mostly to Power Stone, which worked very well with few attacks. IGN has an interesting hands-on–it sounds like it needs polish, but has a hell of a lot of potential.

This game does look pretty good…and I don’t even care for Castlevania…

overall I find this to be relatively amusing though, I seem to remember someone from Konami saying that “there won’t be any Wii Castlevania games” but maybe it’s just my imagination.